Old Boys of the Brigade


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Great memories Mark, I joined the 237th St David's Knightswood Lifeboys in 1958 and proceeded to the Boys Brigade until 1967. I was a bugler in a large band which also had a pipe section. I played in the massed band at Ibrox when Princess Margaret presented new colours to the Glasgow Battalion. We had a reasonable football team which included Alan Rough in goals and a few others who went on to good levels.
Our camps were at Dunbar 1965 and Stonehaven in 1966 where Alan Rough, myself and some others managed to be served pints in the Station Hotel.
"We have an anchor which keeps the soul".


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During the pandemic, we have seen the deaths of two Partick District stalwarts.

John Rogers (108th Glasgow) and Keir Gorman (12th Glasgow).

Both gave many decades of service.

Anony Mouse

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18th Greenock (cartsburn augustine)

6th Greenock (Crawfordsburn)

Then both amalgamated to become 6th

1975- 1986

Polar bear

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Still a huge Company mate and goes from strength to strength.

Used to have the 138th Company as well in the Mearns, it ran out of Mearnskirk.

Sadly it folded, not because of lack of numbers from the boys, as it was a big Company, but because of a shortage of officers to run it.

It's bad enough when a Company folds because of lack of boys, but it's tragic to hear of a thriving Company disappearing due to a lack of officers.
Grown ups being involved with with youngster’s in todays world ?
Who needs the hassle ?:(

The People

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I was an 183 man ,based in Blackfriars church in dennistoun ,which has long since turned into flats

Got to say I loved it as a kid ( I'm 55 now ) ,getting a badge for achieving something was just brilliant and made you so proud
and have to say I was piss poor as a football player but occasionally got on as a sub for the last few minutes in games

The red ash pitch outside barlinnie next to the motorway
Goodness I've still got some gravel marks on my leg


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I was in the boys brigade in Kirkmuirhill until I was old enough to decide I didn’t want to go. I certainly don’t remember a number but according to t’internet its Kirkmuirhill no 1. It was a simpler time. I honestly couldn’t say a bad thing about it.
"We're the boys of the 252!"

252nd Company of the Glasgow Battalion of the Boys Brigade.

Netherton St Matthew's Parish, Church of Scotland.

"The advancement of Christ's kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness."

I was in the 252 Company, Shafton, Knightswood. Great football teams.


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The Boys Brigade is a Christian organisation which has given many thousands of young people a good moral standing as they go through their life journey. The anchor us taken from the bible, book of Hebrew I think, in which it demonstrates that a good moral standing can be the anchor holding the values learnt from your time as a BB member. The words Sure and Steadfast signifying as such.
The BB may have been a waste of time for you but as I have said it was a great learning tool for many thousands of members. A great organization of which the vast majority were and are proud to be a member of.
Very well said.


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Some of the best times of my life were in the BBs.

Loved the marching and football etc but also got to do some things I never would have been able to otherwise, like abseiling and kayaking.

Weekends away with all your mates in the likes of Inversnade, building damns and massive camp fires etc.

Our section even threw in a wee tour of Ibrox one year. Happy days.


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19th Greenock then it folded, joined 3rd Greenock, at the time was worst football team but still turned up every week to play as you should..:)