Old season ticket books from 20 years ago- did you keep yours and how much did it cost?


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About 14 of us that went together got our first season tickets at the time Souness became manager,we were all Copland Rear in the Red section,think it cost £100,I can remember tapping my Maw to pay it.


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Half season ticket for my Xmas 1986, Copland Rd rear dead centre half way up behind goals - £65 each 2 tickets together. Books long gone I'm afraid wish u had kept tho now

Mr. T.

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My first ST - 1976, Main Stand Section H £19.00. My latest - upper Sandy Jardine stand just short of £700. (The wife thinks it’s still £19 lol).


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Here is my wee cloth eared collection.
Thought I had 7 but can only find 5 discovered in the loft a few years back.
1994-95 has a price tag in it for £220.
If anybody saves these would make a good wee project to get the 9 in a row seasons in a frame, for a pub or whatever, feel free to ask.


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£60 for my first season ticket in the Copland at 15. 87-88. You could just go on the day before that apart from the demand towards the end of 86-87.

Trevor Reznick

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Xmas 1986 Govan Front Rover, half season £30,
Got in the wee shop we had in Union Street.
Was it 87/88 we were allocated seats in GF? Was lucky and got RowY on the centre line.