Only disappointment today


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Is we didn’t go for their throats.
They were there for the taking big time.
A crushing heavy defeat would have potentially kept them on the floor for a long time.
A big defeat would also have burst the stupid Myth around them that makes everyone else quake in fear.

only a minor gripe though and I would take 2-0 at the piggery while only cruising in 2nd gear every time.
I’m 49 and I reckon that was one of the easiest games I’ve seen against them.
Even when they were at their worst when we won 9 they always managed to give us a game at home.

silver lining though, 2-0 with lots of excuses will keep the ginger bigot around a bit longer.
A crushing defeat could have seen the back of him.


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Alfie not scoring for me but tbh I feel he does work we don't realise. Yes the guys a liability but other than rag dolling there defence he also attracts attention and focus from their players which may effect their team.

Carlton The Bear

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We could have scored more but we were so comfortable the only way they would have got back into the game was catching us on the break, we just controlled the game and ran out easy winner's
Correct. We didn’t need to chase the game, they did. And they were that inept at it, they didn’t really give us the opportunities on the break where we are at our best at times.


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I get what the OP is saying but lets enjoy our victory...first time since the mid 90’s we’ve won back to back @ the Piggery.

I’ve got a feeling a hammering will be dished out to them before the end of the season so your wish will come true.


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I agree after having two birthdays on 29th of April were they humiliated us it was a day for payback but I’m happy with a victory.


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As idiotic as it was slaping browns head is fcking hilarious,one that will stay with us for years
Tims and their lapdogs will make this a thing, Walker was trying to hype it up during the game.
Watch that lady's front bottom of a compliance officer as they will try and make this grow legs.


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There was no disappointment today.

This. McCann explained exactly why we didn’t “go for their throats”.

We excuted our game plan very very well and in controlled manner. What’s the point in getting all carried away, piling forward looking for a 4 or 5 - 0 only for them to grab one on the break and we immediately go from cruising to an easy victory to clinging on for dear life for the last 15 mins.
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We absolutely bitch slapped them at their own place, for the second time in a row, without getting out of second gear.

We’re better than them. We know it. They know it.

That’s the best outcome from today.

Same here, we went and done our job professionally and came away with the 3 points!

3 points, 2 goals, 1 clean sheet, not bad day at the office!!


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I agree mate. Was hoping that we would put them to the sword. That said I would take a 2 nil at the piggery no probs. Dominated and dictated the game with ease. Wish Buff and Barker would have been able to really get into the game and put them right out their misery.


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There was no need to, if we have went for their throats it potentially could have left the door open for them to get back into it.

We knew they did not have enough to break us down so we just managed the game and did it very well.


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Tims and their lapdogs will make this a thing, Walker was trying to hype it up during the game.
Watch that lady's front bottom of a compliance officer as they will try and make this grow legs.
Nothing in it mate yellow at worst,but comedy gold


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Listen to Neil McCann's analysis on Sportscene, has a good take on this.

Rangers tactic was essentially to maintain control of the game, whether in or out of possession. Our management team didn't see anyone in the Celtic team posing a threat if we kept our shape and tactics, but maybe thought there was a risk of them having enough pace to hit us on the counter-attack if we "went for it".

My own thought was we treated it like a Europa League match - manage the game, dictate the pace, take our chances, keep a clean sheet, and move on to the next round/match.
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