Oor Sonia and others will depart from Rangers

El Jock Grande Sabia

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I still don't know whether to laugh or hide behind the settee when I see this! It's still the 1 of the funniest but at the same time most unsettling things I've seen on here!:oops:B-D


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Think it's about time for a clear out. Glasgow City have won it 14 times in a row I think. Probably should just get Glasgow Citys coaching team in.

The Golden God

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H&H daily update mentioned something about 2 of the players wearing club merchandise being direspectful to restaurant staff.

When did this happen?


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How did we finish third? I thought we were the only pro team?

i think the Yahoos are too

we started ok, lost to that mob in a smash and grab, pumped Glasgow City rotten
then fell away
lost Vance to injury at the start with Sonia just coming back from leg injury
then lost Bell and Howat in quick succession - ripped the heart out of the attack and we never recovered
bossed the Yahoos in 3 games but lost all 3 - piss poor
glasgow city won the last 2 games against us

real failure to do it in the big games
given the resources we had and the professional status, the manager should really be under pressure


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Absolutely ruined my night to see them depart.

The manager and coaching team needs cleared out. A poster above mentioned the Glasgow City coaching staff and it is a good shout to get them in. We poached a lot of the best players in the league, signed a ton of internationals and never turned up when it mattered.

Who is in charge of recruitment to the Women's team? Do they have their own department?


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In 20 years time Sonia will be nothing more than a quiz question for today's young fans who will be the Rangers Da's of the future.

"Who was Rangers first female Venezuelan international player?"

"Ah mind this, it was that Sonia O'Neill, she was a big durty ride an aw, lost count of how many times I cracked one aff tae her instagram, ye mind instagram?"
Oot oh time Nae points prick.
Mark yer Quizmaster fae The Ginell