Our first penalty

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RTV? Completed it mate!
Was the guy who handled the ball yellow carded?

If not, why not?
No, he wasn’t booked. Same as Mugabi of Motherwell wasn’t booked for handball at Ross County in midweek.

As for why - I’m clueless, a bit like most of our Referees.:rolleyes: And that’s after me reading the Rules.

Bear all

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Neither was the player who brought down Barker,I would have thought a clumsy tackle merited a yellow card more than a undeliberate hand ball,so if Morelos had been booked already he would have been sent off .What is the actual rule it seems it’s up to the Refs discretion which if Clancy is involved with us we will receive the maximum effect .

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So did Clancy apply the yellow card or is it his racist hatred of a black player, or xenophobic hatred of a Colombian, won't obviously been sectarian hatred of an R.C.!!
In my humble opinion Alfredo's caution was totally wrong given the distance the he was away in a packed 18 yard box basically point blank range and no actual intent to handle.
Last night the ball travelled further the arm was at a right angles to the player's shoulder unnatural unless pointing something out to a team mate, again would have been harsh to caution, not as if he was 'Doing the Anton' , or big Ham & Eggs doing a Peter McCloy at Sommerset Park in the 70's LOL!


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Clancy would have been hoping Alfie did something else later that would have got him a second yellow.
Either that or just accumulate enough yellows to get suspended somewhere down the home stretch.

No matter what, Clancy will always find a way to book Morelos.