Over 13,000 Eintracht Frankfurt fans in Milan


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Fantastic place to watch football.

Although I've never seen as many armed police at a game as I did for Eintracht v Schalke in Dec 2017.
Its where my username comes from, from my time working over there and our work had a box there, though preferred going to games with an Iraqi (teach me football holiganism was one of his first words to me) and a Russian.
Will repeat to i'm blue in the face, the atmosphere at Frankfurt is second to none and can be like Ibrox on a Euro night, even when in the 2nd division.

They also do many meets and greets for their season ticket holders where they put on food and drink in the stadium.


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I’ve got a mate that moved out there a few years ago and usually go out once a year to see him and always go to an Eintracht game. Saw them beat Hoffenheim with 2 goals in the last 5 minutes to win 3-2 two weeks ago. Great club.
There was a group of Eintract Frankfurt fans in the louden 2-3 years ago, had a great time with them. They seemed to really enjoy ibrox and the atmosphere. Me and my dad gave them our scarfs and they were over the moon.


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Eintracht are a big success starved club who have the makings of doing something special in a German context at least. This is probably the first time since the early 90s they’ve gotten anywhere near the level their support and potential should dictate where they should be in the German game.

They won the Pokal last season (got knocked out first round defending it) and if they can keep the nucleus of this team into next season could give a decent account of themselves in the CL. Likelihood is tho that the stars will be picked off by the bigger clubs and they will need to rebuild again as is often the case with German clubs outwith Bayern when there is a season or two of hovering around the top of the league