Over 41.500 season tickets renewed


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Quite simply the most loyal support in the world. That has been proven over the course of the last 8 years if anyone was in any doubt.

Sell out Saturdays, Wednesdays and any other day of the week for that matter no matter whether its Clyde, Albion Rovers or the beasts from the east.

I wasnt as confident as most on this board for this year but I go in with far higher expectations for next season as I genuinely think SG will deliver.



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So that’s about £17.5m already in the bank assuming it’s an average of £500 notes.

Pretty decent considering it’s still May
£482 in Copland front for an adult and £385 for adult concession (oap) and child concession around £165 but far higher prices in main stand and Sandy Jardine suggests your not far off with your assessment