Paedo ex-Celtic Boys’ Club coach Frank Cairney launches bid for freedom as he appeals child abuse conviction


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CELTIC Boys Club fiend Frank Cairney has launched a bid to be freed from jail while he fights his child abuse rap.

The disgraced ex-coach, 83, will ask appeal judges to bail him this week as he challenges his conviction for preying on eight lads

His brazen release hope comes as sources told how he was rushed to hospital from prison following a “health scare”.

An insider said today: “He’s appealing his conviction on Thursday and hopes to attend court in Edinburgh

“While the appeal court consider it, he’s applying for bail.

“It remains to be seen if it’s granted but the thought that he could be out on Thursday is astonishing. Either he doesn’t give a damn about the victims or he’s in total denial.”

The source said Cairney — branded a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” for trying to cover up 21 years of abuse — was suspected of faking a heart attack last week in a sickening attempt to get the court’s sympathy

They added: “He was given medical treatment but it’s not clear if it was genuine or not. The suspicion is he’s trying every trick in the book to get out.”

Cairney is one of four perverts linked to Celtic Boys Club to face justice in court


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Something strange about Frank Cairney and Tommy burns friendship
Something I can't fathom. Boak inducing even.

When Mark Daly hunted down Torbett in the US he found him staying at the home of William Gilbert who attempted to stop them from filming. Gilbert was a CBC goalkeeper at the time Torbett was abusing kids.

Another similar scenario is when the beast Bennell was abusing a kid in a caravan down at Crewe a 19 year old walked in, it was Neil Lennon.
The abused living with their abuser?

As I say...can't fathom that.
Wasn’t the incident in NJ involving two boys EJGS ?
Somebody posted the article a few days ago. The one where they had the meeting in Boston Airport.
I wasn't aware there were 2 boys involved in that incident. You say someone posted an article stating otherwise? All that I have read about it (up to now) seemed to point to just the 1 boy. If true, that's 3 then. Every day it seems to get worse


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I see the narrative is being set with Cairney.

“Ex-Celtic Boys Club”

Not that it really matters as you know the Boys Club and Club is the same thing but Cairney worked for Celtic directly. So it should read:


No doubt with the “separate entity” argument, they’ll now be rewriting history that Cairney was nothing to do with the adult club so they can wipe that slate clean also.
Pretty sure that one of them will try the Lockerbie Bomber or Ernest Saunders health scam to get out of jail. The disgusting thing is that they have gotten away with it for so long that they do not acknowledge their guilt.
Conviction remains. Remember though, we’re talking about the same Government that let the worst mass murderer in British history out of prison on ‘compassionate grounds’.
The comments section in the Evening Times link has input from a victim that is very disturbing.

It's absolutely astounding the level of abuse and cover up that's taken place here and I sincerely hope that the victims can see justice done and get some sort of closure.
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The only thing worse than a sick and guilty paedophile is a sick and guilty paedophile that appeals their sentence when they're bang to rights.