Passing Kings of Europe - you couldn't make it up!!


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I wonder if anyone in the main stream media ever has a bigger picture look at what they publish and think ‘ah shit we are coming across like a fanzine here.’
The thing is, all of Scottish sports media is like that.

There is no one in the middle ground or the yin to their yang.

So their is nothing to provide contrast and show them up as being a one sided fanzine. It’s all the same.


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I really cannot believe they are shifting the ball further than us. What a total embarrassment for us. I want something to change immediately. I’ve sent a fax to Gio with a plan. Hope he gets it.

I want to see us boot the ball the full length of the 100m park twice every minute. Bingo. 18km. Up yours Angie. Ha ha.


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We should be encouraging this. The better they think they are the less chance they spend more in January. My fear in Ange looks like he might spot a decent player. Best he doesn’t get the money. Complacency in their ranks is a good thing.

Typical of modern day Scotland. Give ourselves praise and qiluities we actually haven’t earned.
Like Starfelt for example?

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It’s a bit like that Beale article a while ago possession. Where is this possession (these passes) and is it hurting the opposition?

That's where it becomes relevant.

We had one of these studies done a couple of seasons ago where it showed the most dangerous situation in any game in all of the European leagues was Rangers to be in possession after four passes, having started from our own half. The other team were four times more likely to concede from that situation than any other.

It was a fun fact and showed end product but would I rather be an opposition manager facing Rangers or Liverpool? Not much of a contest.


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Does this include passes from their keeper back to the centre circle for kick off after adding another goal to their “most conceded in the competition “ stat?


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They're desperate to get angeball added to the football lexicon. Complete fannies, it's like being back in the 90's where their fans would rave about how great they were as they stumbled along in our shadow.


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All those passes and fk all to show for it proves one thing, they are so undecisive and poorly coached.


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Am now terrified. We can't possibly win the League this year. Maybe the scottish football authorities should just hand the scum the trophy today. Based on passes made. After all they are the best on this planet. Mind you, that could never possibly happen could it???


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So Angeball is so good its worthy of failing all European comps they enter that they drop down to lowest one Conference league hmm sounds right level?


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I’ve often posted about creating stats to make something look really good.
For example, when Larrson was the top scorer in the history of whatever the league was called back then.
Sounded and read like a great achievement until you discover that this was ignoring the previous hundred years or so when the league was called something different.
Celtic really are the leaders in this field.
I know it isn’t them who are the authors of this particular piece of trash, or was it, but it does smack of “look at us, we’re dead good”.
That, in itself would be brilliant if that last word wasn’t there.


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Where did they finish in their league - how many goals have they let in vs. well, everyone else? What competition are they currently heading into?

Still, they've out passed teams who have played less games and still in the top tournament.


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Where did they finish in their league - how many goals have they let in vs. well, everyone else? What competition are they currently heading into?

Still, they've out passed teams who have played less games and still in the top tournament.
They still have one game left, at their hovel.

Hopefully Real Betis don’t go easy on them.


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MSK zilina, the team 7th on that list, currently sit 5th in the slovakian if you didn't know already, this stat means the square root of f*uck all, but let's just let them think they are as good as they think a wee bit longer for the laughs :shh: B-D

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My Amateur team could get their pass completion percentage up if they knocked the ball to each each other in a 4 with a defensive mid as well… no problem.


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Ange Postecoglou turns Celtic into passing kings of the world as 'Ange-ball' leads Manchester City and Bayern Munich​

A study of 40 top divisions across the globe shows no-one moves it better than the Hoops this season.

After some initial uncertainty over his appointment, Celtic fans are loving life under Ange Postecoglou.

The Greek-Australian boss has clear and uncompromising ideas about how the game should be played, with quick attacking football based around possession the order of the day.

And that approach is paying off in spades as new research indicates Celtic are pulling their opponents about more than anyone else in the WORLD.

Postecoglou's style has been compared to the likes of Pep Guardiola and Maurizio Sarri but when it comes to moving the ball his side have them beaten this season.

The CIES Football Observatory collated data on the number of passes attempted per match and their average length for teams from 40 leagues worldwide.

The Croats have moved the ball for 11.8 kilometres per match, on par with Ajax and just ahead of Bayern Munich and Manchester City but a full km less than Celtic.

It will come as no surprise that Rangers are second in Scotland for this metric, with 587 passes and 10.5km per match.

Aberdeen and Hearts come in with 10km each, with Hibs in fifth with 9.4km.

But it's Celtic who lead the way across those 40 leagues, further proof that 'Ange-ball' has truly taken hold at Parkhead.

Most ball circulation across 40 leagues worldwide​

10 - Barcelona: per match

9 - Bodo/Glimt: 11.1km

8 - Liverpool: 11.3km

7 - MSK Zilina: 11.5km

6 - Sevilla: 11.5km

5 - Manchester City: 11.6km

4 - Bayern Munich: 11.7km

3 - Ajax: 11.8km

2 - Dinamo Zagreb: 11.8km

1 - Celtic: 12.8km
Is that including the wee Japanese girl running 5KM a game chasing the baw about , like a wee dug and getting nothing?


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I remember the ridicule when Scotland were trounced 3-0 by Morocco in the World Cup in France, 1998, when Craig Brown basically said that Scotland won on corners.

“It could sound like I am complaining but I really have no need to. Every statistic, apart from goals, favours Scotland. We had more possession in both halves – and played most of the second with 10 men – more shots on goal, more shots on target, more corner kicks. Then I read words like ‘humiliation’, which was quite annoying.

This is the same sh*te.
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