Patterson, Doig, Turnbull and Ferguson for YPOTY


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Sorry but Patterson and Turnbull being in that is insane and purely pandering to their main audience.

Ali McCann has to be there, and it’s between him and Doig.
I agree with you, both have done well since they came in but it should be players that have played most if not all of the season really


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To be honest over the whole season Doig deserves it. I'm sure he's still 18 as well. Very impressive that Nathan got himself as nomination after only a handful of games really.


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The lad Doig all day, he’s done it over the course unlike Patterson & Turnbull. Would be great to see Nathan win it but think Doig will.


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Patterson shouldn’t even be in it tbh, not played anywhere near enough.

Scottish players only is a bit strange.


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Think Doig of hibs will get it, Patterson hasn’t played enough although he had played very well when he did, Ferguson has been nothing special at the sheep and Turnbull didn’t get into their team until about Xmas time


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serious question how can Tommy turtle even be considered for.player of the year how many games has he played for celtic this season .absolute nonsense


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I thought they had to be 23 at the start of the season? Nisbet only turned 24 in March 2021.
Not a clue just think at that age he falls out of the young player category for me.
Morelos Kent Aribo are 24 I don't see them getting it and Hagi with his assist record is 22.