Patterson starts for Everton today

Does these ratings mean the bbc have him down as Everton’s best performing player today?

I like to see Everton win but have to say that I thought they were absolutely lousy tonight against a very average Chelsea side. Everton narrowly avoided relegation ĺast season due to the fact that they had had a reasonably decent start to it. From what I saw tonight I genuinely fear that they won't be as fortunate this season.
Right back's shouldn't be wearing number 3. :D
My son is number 3 for his team and wound up playing rightback so he was delighted to see Patterson with that number :cool:

That was some decision to get the Rangers strip with Patterson on the back of it for him last season!

Anyway.. Patterson. I thought he did well today - came into the game as it went on and was strong going forward. That right side of a middle 4 works for him.
So he is actually in the team and he can perform against the superstars of Chelsea etc that cost 50m each ?

Its just that the posters that have sky pumping pesh into their living room 24/7 told us hes nowhere near ready for that level of football.
Some of their fans think they were ripped off paying £12m for him, how does that look compared to £62m for Cucurella who's a midget?
He’s a very good player it won’t surprise me to see him do well and it’s to our benefit with the addons coming our way and the profile of the club
Patterson was one of the best players for Everton yesterday. Solid, held his position at times, and had a couple of runs which were squandered by a couple of Everton players. I don't know why Everton fans are dismissive of him after a few appearances at most. It just smacks of snobbery that Patterson isn't from Spain or Germany etc.
Not our player ,don’t care sorry , just being honest
May not be our player but if Patterson performs in the EPL then it will definitely have a sizeable impact on us. EPL teams will see our players as viable options in their league and that can translate to big transfers.
Not our player ,don’t care sorry , just being honest
Surely someone with even half a brain realises it’s important for him to do well, we directly benefit from clauses in the deal and indirectly by being able to command high fees for future sales.

But hey, at least you were honest enough to admit that it’s beyond you to understand this.

This team is getting relegated.

They are a bunch of cloggers that offer the league absolutely nothing but thuggery.