Peak Durrant or peak Barry?


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I loved both off them and thought Durrant was going to be world class,Liverpool were sniffing around before he was assaulted.
Derek i think what a waste of talent.


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Look at thread about Walter’s best 11 against the filth.He mentioned Gazza just shades it over Durrant.No mention of Ferguson whatsoever.
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Remember 2 interviews about Gazza when he was still at Newcastle on Football Focus (Saturday Grandstands football show for you young pups). One was with Ray Wilkins (pre his spell with us) and the other was Jackie Milburn. They both waxed lyrical about how good Gazza was and could become and yet both finished by saying that the young lad Durrant with Rangers could well be the most exciting talent to emerge from the UK in decades. That’s good enough for me and I loved Fergie as a player and captain. Sad thing is that the Mutton Molestors still sing about Durrant without realising that he would in all likelihood have left Rangers (rumours of Serie A clubs hovering) and in fact Simpson’s assault robbed their beloved (as long as your not a Rangers man) national team of the best they would have ever seen


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Durrant by a country mile. World class at his peak. Ferguson was pretty average tbh. Most players can pass 6 yards to the side
Given that there is a game today so there will be a match thread with the mad, ridiculous and mental comments that are in that thread, that has to be the maddest, most ridiculous and most mental post there will be today.
The definition of braindead stupidity.


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But, they’ll leave for more money and it’ll be accepted?
I struggle to see the difference.
He was the Captain a Rangers fan and a homegrown player and our best player he asked to leave of course he's going to be judged differently to a foreign player unfairly or not


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Durrant even after his injury was an exceptional player and hard to separate from Ferguson.

Pre injury Durrant was on a different stratosphere from Ferguson. He really was the most exciting prospect I've ever seen.


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Anyone saying Durrant was absolutely miles and levels above Ferguson is definitely allowing their views of the man to cloud their views of the player.
I didn’t say miles better though I just said better.
It’s not even a slight on Barry saying that as I think he was a great player too.
I judge players on what they do for us on the park and Barry did it and then some so I have no issues with him, as a person I don’t know him so am in no position to pass comment.
It’s the same shite people use to beat Super Ally with, our top goal scorer and greatest ever striker, the man is a legend and I couldn’t give a shit about the rest of the nonsense


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Tough one, but Ian sneaks it. Even after his injury he was influential in many big games, including Marseille away.
And when he went on loan to Everton with big Dunc, the only thing that stopped Everton signing him was his insurance due to the injury. He was always a wee bit special.


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Durrant was the emerging star when I started going to games regularly as and he, Ally and especially Davie Cooper were my heroes. Just like every other wee boy back then. He was an extraordinary talent as a youngster and a great player for us even after his injury.

But we didn’t see the best of him. We were a year, maybe two or three, from him being at his peak. It was criminal we never got to see that and he never got to achieve it. And I mean criminal literally.

Ferguson on the other hand let us down. More than once. He was a hero to every single one of us when head was turned first time and he left for Blackburn fucking Rovers. His attitude in the Le Guen episode was unacceptable, irrespective of Le Guen’s failings. And his disrespectful behaviour towards Walter following the Scotland incident was arrogant and disgraceful. And I haven’t warmed to him as a person through his media work.

But, we saw Barry at his peak. For nearly 5 years he was exceptional. In 2002/03 he produced one of the single best seasons of any Rangers player in history in my opinion.

Would Durrant’s potential peak have eclipsed Barry’s? Very possibly. But as much as a I wish he had, I can’t honestly say he did.

TL;DR. Barry, but more than likely only because a thug robbed Durrant of reaching his potential.


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Look at thread about Walter’s best 11 against the filth.He mentioned Gazza just shades it over Durrant.No mention of Ferguson whatsoever.
Only problem that is he does mention Ferguson in glowing terms, so file under bullshit.
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Not having a go mate but I just don't believe it.

Ferguson was the best player in the Rangers team that in included Arthur Numan, Ronald De Boer and Gio. There's not a chance Derek Ferguson was anywhere near that level.
Yeah because he blew his chance
With the right application he could have
Remember this is a guy that played in the same team as Souness etc and held his own
Man of the match In the league cup final in 86 while still a teenager
He had everything Barry had but just below it
Offcourse Barry was the Better player though


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Durrant was an absolute Rolls Royce of a player. Could have gone to the highest level but for that sheep shagging thug Simpson.


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Got to go for Durrant a truly world class player,Sadly he never got the chance to reach his peak there was a lot more to come if he didn’t been savagely assaulted by an animal.


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A was only young when was at his peak so ferguson for me but the stories my dad n uncles told me of durrant were great to hear the biggest disappointment for them was not seeing a midfield of souness durrant and derek ferguson cos of that bastard simpson

walt mcmurty

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The question was peak Durrant or Barry ?
Ian Durrant wasn’t even 22 when that Bastard Simpson tried to end his career, he was probably 4/5 seasons away from his peak .

For those of us lucky enough to have seen a young Durrant in full flow as the link up man between midfield and attack it will stay with us forever .

It’s not hard to imagine that bar the horrendous injury Ian Durrant would have been able to walk into any midfield in world football and hold his own .


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Ferguson has some very bad injuries that really hampered his career from his mid 20s. Two totally different players and therefore I refuse to answer.


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I feel like the Derek Ferguson had more ability than Barry is the 90's version of saying "there's definitely a player in there, he just lacks commitment" when talking about Barrie McKay and Josh Windass in the past few years.

Different arguments tbh. McKay and Windass on the pitch lacked application at times. Derek Ferguson's problems were off the field. I liked him better than Durrant, not a slight on Durrant, just the way he played struck something for me. My biggest Rangers 'regret' is that I never seen Durrant or D Ferguson become the players they should have been.


Two completely different players but Ferguson for me because of the number of games he completely ran for us


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Ian Durrant, he was without a doubt on his way to true greatness only too be robbed of a world class career by an act of malicious thuggery


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Think injury meant Durrant never reached the heights he undoubtedly would have had he been allowed to develop.


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People often forget this, post injury he was still a fantastic player for us, as I mentioned in my post above, he won lots of honours with us, scored in cup finals, had motm performances in cup finals, scored in old firm games, played and scored in the Champions League too.
The best Rangers goal imo at Marseille


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Durrant. He’d have been the best of his generation if he hadn’t been assaulted. Despite everything he did for us, Barry never hit that level.


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Durrant by a country mile. World class at his peak. Ferguson was pretty average tbh. Most players can pass 6 yards to the side
Take up another sport, mate because what you have posted is the biggest load of garbage I've read for a long time. Durrant never fulfilled his true potential because of the assault on him but he was top class, however Ferguson wasn't too far behind him. To say Ferguson was pretty average is a nonsense


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As a Old Bear i say Durrant,it was magical seeing him with the ball when he first pulled the first team jersey on.Remember coming back from away game maybe Sheep or Dundee.We heard he wanted a transfer away the bus was going radio rental.We would not get to keep him if a a big/major offer came in.Barry to me is still underrated by Rangers fans maybe because he left then came back.All managers trusted him to motivate the team and get the all important goals especially as a midfielder as we all know.It would be a dream to have them in present team
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