Peak Durrant or peak Barry?


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Durrant. For me Durrant would have gone on to have been one of the all time great Scottish footballers. Truly gutted what happened to him. I was heartbroken, thats the last time I was ever at Pittodrie, I was only a kid that day but I’ve never been able to go back there. Ferguson was superb for us but Durrant was something special.

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Don't kid yourself, Derek Ferguson was a major talent.
Different arguments tbh. McKay and Windass on the pitch lacked application at times. Derek Ferguson's problems were off the field. I liked him better than Durrant, not a slight on Durrant, just the way he played struck something for me. My biggest Rangers 'regret' is that I never seen Durrant or D Ferguson become the players they should have been.
Kamara is better than both ;)


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As good as Barry was my instinct was Durrant, Charlie Miller is a significant emmision but it would still be Durrant.


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Very different players.. Durrant won you matches but Ferguson would win you a title.

For football entertainment then it’s Durrant all day long.
Ferguson was able to lead, or drag, a team to victory week in/week out.

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No point in editing a poll into this thread!

To clarify, Durrant is levels above Barry, who had a very good career and I'm forever grateful for his service, laying down many memories for us but Barry reached his pinnacle.

Durrant never fulfilled his talent but still managed, pre and post, to contribute to 9iar and themsome. He should have been our Baxter of the 80s and 90s.
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