Peak Partick Thistle


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It's all about context

If they aren't taking themselves seriously, then it's funny.

If they are, well, what's that dancing about fella?

(Also the first time I've heard someone pronounce a J like "Jye")

Laidlaw Loyal

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That would be Saint Phnx, who have just finished touring the USA with Lewis Capaldi and are just about to start a European Tour.

They're not even close to shite, unless you're deaf.
I thought they were shite but I mainly listen to music other people label shite, so it's fine if they're actually 'good'.


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Caught a glimpse of that a couple of weeks ago. Wasn't really sure how to react at the time - in the end just went with laughing like %^*& at them.


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:D :D :D great laugh, thanks for posting, Glasgows answer to the pet shop boys or a tartan version of the Sleaford Mods?
I watched right to the end, do I get a medal?:cool:


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I thought the fat bastard on the RTC thread was bound to be the worst thing i seen on the internet today.


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Are they taking the piss or is that a serious attempt at a song?

F.uck is that lead singer all about.


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Is it fair to say that the small % of homosexual football fans in Glasgow will mainly support Patrick Thistle with the veggies, lefties and students then?