Penalties- who is next


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Tav please. He and Borna should be made to practice the sh*t out of them, so we're covered on any given day.


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If we don't watch what we are doing its going to totally f*** up the heads of all the players .
We are coming into a phase with the Scottish and the Europa comp that we will have to find a minimum of 5 to take them if the games go to penalties .
So we have to get rid of this nonsense about we are getting jinxed .
Pick a player and stick with him ,this chopping players and trying different ones is counterproductive .
My vote is Tav with Hagi as back up end off


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although he has missed a few, tav has shown he can handle the pressure.

said for a while barasic could be given a shot


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Personally I think we should start passing them to the side to get a shot away.

It's typical that every week we moan about not getting penalties from referees and I'm starting think they are doing us a favour.


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Barisic is our most composed player and he is good at every other set piece, it should be him


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Personally, I'd like the club to stick with Hagi.

That was a perfectly good strike on Wednesday, which was stopped by a very good save.
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Hagi. It was a fantastic save. It happens. Was a nice height for the keeper but that aside it was a decent penalty