Persistant Standing

tottie beck

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Standing at football is the natural way to watch the game. (Except the main stand) If the middle class and wumin want to join in the fun then they should deal with it without moaning

Stop sanitizing our working class game

Gibraltar Loyal

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To be fair it looked from the Clubdeck that the rear sections of the stands were sitting - def the Copland and Govan rears plus the main stand and Clubdeck itself.

Front sections all round seemed to stand all game.

I’m old enough to still have pride in Ibrox being “all seated” v the uncivilised in the East who were on terraces.
Rear of Broomloan was standing whole game.
I'm old enough to remember the enclosures and away terracing. Nothing uncivilised about the Rangers support then or now.


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I’m in BF3 and haven’t sat at all at a game for a couple of seasons.
I'm in BF3 too and have watched most of the matches on the screen due to having mobility issues and being unable to stand for 90 minutes. I've applied for a move, explaining the reasons, however didn't get one. I thoroughly enjoyed the last 20 minutes on Saturday when everyone decided to sit down.


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Correct. Give people a choice. Back in the day me and my mates went into the Derry. Couldnt see much but just loved the atmosphere.
But back in the U.K.
Im not asking anyone to move but if you cant see because of someone blocking your view its nice to have an option.

Seeing as how you're trying hard to missunderstand my point, let me pass it back to you in similar style.

Are you suggesting disabled people aren't able to move?


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We should try that with the Subway Loyal as they piddle me off by blocking my view of the last 10mins of every game. Either by making the row in front constantly stand up or by stopping on the vomit (yes the correct name for the stairs) to my left when we attack.

:cool: :cool: :cool:


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There are some older guys near me wh can’t stand. The guys in front stand regardless of being asked nicely to please sit down. So for me it’s a courtesy thing. tricky one.


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It doesn't take a genius to work out that we should have both safe standing and seated sections in stadiums.

Crazy, unique never heard of before idea that won't ever never catch on.