Peter Campbell's great grand-neice visits Ibrox


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I just watched it on Facebook. We are a very privileged group of fans to have such a great history, and a club that celebrates its humble beginnings with those 4 lads.
Other clubs celebrate their glory years, but we commemorate our founders, as the glory years are so many, and unfinished.


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article on it:

not only was she related to Peter Campbell
but her great-grandfather JJ Campbell played for us

great story


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I’ve already said it on another thread but I’ll say it again. This week has been brilliant for footage from within the club.

This, the Gio behind the scenes video on RTV, the AGM posted near in full. Then some cracking third party content as well, with Ally giving Laura Woods a tour of Ibrox, and the Millwall lads up doing the hospitality vlog.

Mustang mad

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Thats a great wee clip. Nice touch by the club.

A wee aside re the founders. Was tom vallance not supposed to be recognised as the 5th founder? I went on the gallant Pioneers tour a few years ago and he seemed a big part of the story, thought there was going to be a push for more recognition?


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A fantastic clip.

Sadly the ‘do you have any Scottish in you?’ line wouldn’t get the response most would be looking for.


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Absolutely love this stuff from “The Rangers” Moist eyes watching it and how embedded our culture spans different generation across the globe. Couldn’t help this one but she is obviously a “Homing Pidgeon” ;):D


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That was brilliant.

Imagine being related to one of the founders of our great club.

If it were me the whole world would know about it. Well, everyone in my local pub would know about it for a start.