Peter Crouch retires


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After a lot of deliberation this summer I have decided to retire from football !
Our wonderful game has given me everything.
I’m so thankful to everyone who helped me get there and to help me stay there for so long. X

If you told me at 17 I’d play in World Cups , get to a champions league final , win the Fa cup and get 100 @premierleague goals I
would have avoided you at all costs.
It’s been an absolute dream come true

What a wonderfully underrated player the big fella was. Would have loved him at Ibrox at some stage of his career


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Just checked some of his stats there, in 19 years in the PL, only scored 10 or more league goals 3 times.

Found that very surprising!


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What a wonderfully underrated player the big fella was. Would have loved him at Ibrox at some stage of his career
I saw this lad in his debut season at QPR.
I remember predicting if he could learn to head a football that he would go on to play for England.
He did and I was right.

The skill was there and it was unusual given his height and shape, but he actually didn't know how to use his advantages in addressing a football in the air.
Obviously, QPR sorted this out and the rest became history.


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Thank f*ck I won't have to see him in a Burnley shirt again next season, good player in his day though.


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Cracking player and seems like a really sound guy as well. Wasn’t exactly prolific but was one of those players who had a knack for popping up with big goals in big games.

He’s someone I would actually want to see go into the punditry game, doesn’t take himself too seriously and has a bit of personality about him.

Laidlaw Loyal

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See him getting on the train at Clapham Junction a fair bit. He seems to know the train information people quite well as he's always chatting away to a pair of them.


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On that Bet365 post, check what Crouch said his best ever team is. Unreal side that'd be.


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Was fantastic footballer and 1 of the best headers of a ball hopefully he becomes a punditt on talksport and takes the w..ker jim job:))


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A man who truly made the best of the talent he had. If only we could all say that. Constantly under rated by everyone but team mates and coaches. Probably tells a story of who he is as a man and was as a player.