Petition Requesting Clare Whyte Resign From Her Role As Compliance Officer


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The more you sign this, the stronger her position and 'purpose' becomes.
Position should be against the league...
We don't need a compliance officer full stop.
In The Sun today Steve Clarke has supported Rangers statement.
Says he doesn’t understand their basis for the Flanagan & Simunovic difference & said there must be more transparency.


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The angle to this CO/tribunal business that tends to be ignored is the role of the 'ex-referees'. We aren't told who they are or what level they reached or how and what 'evidence' is submitted to them.

However, they are effectively sitting in judgment of current referees, frequently undermining them. Would they have accepted this when they were referees? In my view, their stance is entirely unethical, especially bearing in mind FIFA's dictum that matches cannot be re-refereed.