Pick Alfredo's best goal of the season so far

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Just the tip...
1. Porto home (world class finish)

2. Porto away (more for the team play but Alfie’s finish still world class)

3. St Johnstone away (we were playing pish and that goal settled the nerves and showed all his best qualities, unreal strength, deft touch to drag the ball from behind him with the left foot, and an emphatic finish high past the keeper).


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Goal on Thursday.

Also enjoyed his goal against Hearts when Kent cut it back to him. His close control and finish was very good for it considering the ball was hit towards him at pace. Wasn't an easy take.
A “double tap” as our friends in the Special Boat Squadron might call it.

Great finish, shows absolute desire to score.


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Loved his first goal against Hibs, keeper should have saved it but to come on and within like a minute skin a cant, nutmeg a cant and dribble half the pitch before ramming one in was quality


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Not this season but he back heel flick against hearts last season never got the recognition it deserved, messi or Ronaldo does that and it's all over sports media for weeks


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Thursday’s was the best the way he lets the ball run across takes the touch and catches it’s so sweetly I could watch (and have done) again and again and again