Picture of the terracing in the main stand


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I loved the East Enclosure. When I first went to Ibrox in 85 it was all about the Copland. That was where the singing started and rarely stopped, then it became season ticket holders mainly, and the East Enclosure was the place to be.
How did people feel when they had to switch their season ticket from standing in there to seating?
It had to happen, but we weren’t happy. All seater stadiums were a must for safety after Hillsborough, and rightly so.
That said, it all became season tickets basically. I had to apply and ended up in the West Enclosure, quite a few of the EE did, so the West Enclosure had a bit of atmosphere, but it wasn’t the same.


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I’d love if Rangers made it safe standing in there , certainly beats sitting on a cold freezing winters day
To me it has to be west enclosure,rebuild it to properly accommodate a covered and modern disabled area a d build up railed seating for when required. If its successful, copied on the east.


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That's sounds about right, in 91 Murray forced your hand about staying in the enclosure by making it season tickets, I still have my ticket stub from the last game before it - the title decider v Aberdeen 2 - 0, £4 to get in!! £120 for a season ticket and Rangers offered credit facilities through RBS and I used it
Can remember my mate saying, we better get a season ticket for next year or we are not going to get in and that's what we did.
He was right
Used the credit as well, remember going do to some place at Shawfield with the paperwork.

Got my seat in there when it changed, but was too low down, about 6 rows from the front and ended up moving to the Copland rear about 97/98 I think.
It should never have been seated, but there we go those were the times

RFC Graham

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Loved the EE. Used to position myself with back to crash barrier so would not get swept down to the front as you could never make it back up! Tims used to have the West Enclosure and the atmosphere was priceless. Dynamo Kiev game was unbelievable.


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Might be auld age but I seem to remember a guy used to sell passes outside the East enclosure and you got in cheaper did anybody else do this?


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Unfortunately I am to young to remember the terrace but looks good. It's been a long tine since ive seen the seats at Ibrox any colour other than blue too. Cracking photo


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As a 7, 8, 9 and 10 year old, in the 80s my dad and his mates stood at the back of the enclosure in that picture. Before those barriers were installed at the front. Us boys got sent down the front and we’d lean on the wall and get a great view of the linesman and the subs. I can remember Shug Burns seeming like an express train sprinting up and down that line.

At the end of every game, without fail, the dads would be waiting for us at the top. Not a care in the world, still a bit half cut and looking forward to a few more cans on the bus on the way home. A burger from one of the vans near the Stadium bar on the way back to the bus, and happy.

Back home and dinner would be ready, my mum would be getting ready to go out and the babysitter would arrive just in time for them to go to the miners welfare.

Ah the innocent naivety of youth.


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The Enclosure was too dear for me as it was about 2 bob dearer than the terracing. This was back in the 60s right enough when 2/- was a lot of money to a schoolboy.


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Busiest I saw the EE was in early 1989. Think Super Ally was making a comeback from injury or something and the crowd was really big. I know it was Dundee,and we eventually got in the ground late and the enclosure was rammed. I remember Ian Ferguson got one of the goals,and Ally scored too. Can't remember the other scorer,think it ended up 3-1 to The Rangers. I can't remember if Ally started the game or was a substitute.