Plastic pitches = conning the fans


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These pitches are an abomonation.

They are a joke and should be banned from top level football. Any country with a modicum of common sense will not allow top teams to play on them.


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My first wish would be bin the lot but that won't happen
So I'd settle for SPL mandatory grass pitch ,
Lower leagues let them keep them but if the a drawn at home in cup games against premier league teams the tie goes to the premier leagues ground ,lower league would probably accept that due to bigger gate receipts .
Don't see how any club in the leagues should be allowed plastic , my local junior club can use a grass pitch and a good one at that then there is no reason clubs like East Fife need plastic all they want to do is hire it out through the week for locals to play on so its a financial consideration and a sporting advantage .As I said my local junior team play on a good grass park all season and 300 of a crowd is a good one for them and they are able to maintain the grass


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I don't understand why so many of our games on astroturf are televised?

It's a really poor advert for scottish football.
Because every away game is advertised. The TV companies know they are getting at least 200k viewers for every game we are on so make their money on advertising.


I hate them as much as he next guy, but Hamilton's seems to be ok. We generally play pretty well on it as well.

Definitely get rid of them from the top flight though, it's embarrassing.


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Sunday league teams can manage to keep a grass pitch playable all year so there's absolutely no excuse for semi-professional teams and up to be using them.

If you can't afford balls and grass you shouldn't be playing football.
Totally agree with this. Ban plastic pitches.

chosen few

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Our manager said he could not risk one of our players on that pitch, a player who badly needs game time, we did well to win on that pitch with that wind, a potential pit fall avoided.


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I can't stand plastic pitches it just ruins any ball movement and flow of play and it's a shocking surface to play on imo they should be banned.


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It's time Rangers,Celtic,Hibs,Hearts,Aberdeen told them the spfl,sfa to ditch them or form a break away league because you can't play on they carpets


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Plastic pitches have their place in the game, top league football is not that place, the SPL should be all grass, in fact like others have said at least the top two divisions should all be grass, if you cannot afford a decent grass pitch make way for a club who can


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I’d bin them, I can see the financial argument but a lot of players seem reticent to give 100% on these surfaces. The fear of injury is there but often the bounce of the ball is not right.

There certainly should be none in the top league. East Fife used to have one of the best surfaces in the country, yesterday was a total joke. I’m just delighted that no one got injured.


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We need to wait until a Celtic player is injured on one of these pitches. Either that, or they lose a few games and blame the plastic pitch. Just watch the media frenzy when this happens, and the rush by the SPFL to ban them.
As long as it’s only Rangers who struggle on these plastic pitches, nothing will change.

Alex Venters

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Absolutely this. Spfl should be stepping in to better the product on offer. But we all know they couldn't give less of a sh*t
Failing in their duty to protect and nurture the game.
I was of the opinion that these pitches should be outlawed in the top division but I'd go further and ban them from all league grounds.
If junior clubs can maintain a proper grass surface then senior sides can do the same.


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Rangers and anyone else with a grass pitch should be putting pressure on the SPFL/SFA to ban these. So many junior teams right now are playing on good grass pitches, Pollok, Talbot, Kilbirnie Ladeside are just a few examples of teams I've seen recently playing on a quality surface. There is zero excuse for pro/semi-pro teams not to have artificial playing fields.


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There should be a rule that IF a club is to use a plastic pitch, it needs to be of a certain standard.

Some of the plastic pitches used in Russia or the MLS look at least playable.

But these ones that teams get away with here are cheap and dangerous !

Barclay the Bear

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There is no need for teams in the top league to have these parks,,I can understand teams like east fife etc having them,their basically community clubs with very little income streams,,,at the top level 9 teams can compete without artificial surfaces, so obviously the other 3 can aswell, these 3 are getting an unfair advantage both in income they are making off their parks and in the playing sense

Porto Loyal

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MIght just be my impression, but todays platic pitches with all the pellets etc seem worse than the previous ones like Dunfermline had before they were made to rip it up by the SPL


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Watching the ball bounce on that pitch yesterday put me in mind of one of those googly balls the harlem globetrotters used in their comedy routine :)


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Should be banned. Clubs are gaining an advantage with these pitches. They should however be allowed to bring in money in which ever way they like such as selling beer etc. Scottish clubs are struggling but they are being hampered by SPFL/government rules. They could be doing so much more.


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An absolute leveller and you can see how much it affects the players. Away to Livi was one of the worts draws for us in the LC. They need binned asap they could get football banned. That pitch was every bit as bad as Kilmarnocks or Livingstons. Yes you could forgive EF but not SPL teams. Folk in charge of our game are a joke.

Rangers daft

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With another shite draw away to livi on a terrible plastic pitch Would fans boycotting these games at stadiums that use plastic force their hand to get back to grass. If our fans and the east end parasites refused tickets to Kilmarnock, livi and Hamilton would the lost revenue be enough to make them revert back to grass? The games we've played on plastic are usually awful to watch and the added fear of injury to our players just ruins the game for me. If we wait on the SFA solving the problem we will be waiting forever


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Astro should be banned from our top flight, give clubs 3 years notice .The old firm fans will happily pay for Killie's if they're struggling, all they have to do is put 150 of their fans back where they came from and get us back to our original numbers. Failing this I'd be happy for fans to take issue into their own hands and stay clear of astro as it's robbery paying best part of £30 to watch a lottery.

LOL 133

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Plastic pitches are a direct result of the way money is distributed throughout the game. Until the authorities do something you'll just need to get used to lack of competition, shit football, empty stadiums and plastic pitches.

Isn't it obvious?