Players you hated to see go


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Was listening to TalkSport on the commute home and they were discussing players from their club they hated to see go for either 1) the club they went to (Van Persie to Man Utd) or 2) because they loved the player that much while he was at the club. Who’s everyones player they hated to see leave the club?

That's it.

All the others had passed their best or it was the right time to move on


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Claudia Reyna ..... and not for probably the reasons the post was started for ,He was a good player for us But because he was leaving us for Sunderland ?? WTF ....


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Back in the day, Jim Baxter, also Jim Forrest and 'Bud' Johnston. We could have kept them all for a few extra pennies/quid before they left. Plus not making Forrest a scapegoat and getting rid of him in the same season as European Cup Winners Cup Final in 1967 . We would have matched the Lisbon Liars that year, if we had of kept Forrest. He was as good as Morelos is today and without his baggage. Let's be honest here we had a miserly and vindicate set of bar-stewards as our directors and board back then who had no foresight. The rest is history until 1972.

I remember as a boy the headlines in a Sunday Newspaper that me Dad was reading back then where Baxter said 'Ibrox and Rangers Directors are Stagnant' before he left not getting the contract he deserved. Mind you I had to checkout what one of my heroes meant when he said 'Ibrox was stagnant'!
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The end of 2000/01 season was hard to take . One by one we lost Albertz , VanBronckhurst , Tugay and Reyna .
What quality of a midfield to lose in a short space of time .


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Most of the admin leavers but Naismith and his subsequent press conference was a real sore one to take, the Judas prick he is

Recently - Candeias


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Albertz for me but there's so many. Remember thinking we would be terrible when Gough left before coming back