Players you hated to see go


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Graham Roberts. I was only 9 at the time but was gutted when he left.

Wished Gabriel Amato had stayed longer. So skilful and strong on the ball.

Couldn't believe when Davie Cooper, my boyhood hero left.


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Colin Stein and Willie Johnstone.
Both boyhood hero's.

Will get dogs abuse for this as hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Sir Brian Laudrup should have been allowed to go after nine.:(


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Butcher. Lead us to so much success but Souness wasn't blinded by loyalty. He knew he was done and had to go.

Sad that he's forgotten what we gave him during his time at Ibrox


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Laudrup, Alberto, Gazza, McCoist, Barry Ferguson.

Besudes admin, I’ve never feared for us more than when Sir Walter of Smith departed the second time.

Clay Davis

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Was raging when Hutton left. He looked like he was going on to be one of the best right backs in the world at the time.

In hindsight seemed to be a purple patch for Hutton and Broadfoot and Whittaker ended up doing fine.


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Cooper going to Motherwell was a bloody sad and heartbreaking day.
Tugay could have been a superstar with us, genuinely couldn’t understand how this was allowed to happen.

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Tugay. Thought he was a cracking player who we never utilised enough.
He left after collecting 3 MOTM's in a row (if my memory serves me correctly).
He was a fantastic midfielder but played as sweeper in a few games and was sensational for us.


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Gazza is the only one I can remember being truly devastated at.
Massive year for us as well. I’m not saying had he stayed we would have got the ten but he would certainly have helped our chances.

The Great Dane going that summer also.


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Most recently Jelavic leaving was sickening should have went for £10 million more than he did however the club clearly saw %^*& all of that money anyway


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I’m sure my profile photo answers that! Also Tugay but I think that was because I was already emotional that day with Albertz going


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Huistra, Gough (but he came back), Stevens (but he came back), Spackman, Jelavic, Van Bronkhurst, Arveladze, Ferguson (but he came back) and Laudrup.
Steven is probably the most underrated Rangers player of all time imo. What a player yet never gets a mention when we talk about great players to have played for the club.


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Huistra leaving gutted me. He was a favourite of mine.

Laudrup, Gazza, Albertz obviously.

Davie Cooper leaving devastated me as a kid.
Was going to say this. Mind his last game when he scored a couple in a win over Falkirk. Always liked him.


Genuinely thought Kevin Thomson was prime to be a successful rangers captain. His style of play is what we are crying out for