Podcast of the year get voting for heart and hand


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Done, and not just because I'd vote for any fellow bear in competitions like this but because it's genuinely an excellent podcast worthy of honours like this.

Best of luck lads.
Done. Have listened to Heart and Hand from the very beginning and felt it had outgrown the 2 pods a week. This was the next logical step. This at the price is an absolute bargain. Many others on the patreon site charge way more than this for a hell of a lot less. If you haven't got it, why not? If we could also find a way to bring the games live on the radio as we no longer get them most of the time due to Pacific Quay CSC stance, the this would almost be the complete scenario for those unable to get to the games.
All done.

For the amount of listening pleasure H&H gives me every single day, it was the very least I could do.

The huge variety of content and topics covered by the H&H guys on the Patreon site is unbelievable.

Patreon-ising Loyal!


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Podcast of the year competition heart and hand are worthy winners get voting

Done good luck David and the guys. Although I always have a look to see the presenter on the pod.

If it’s not containing Mr Edgar then I’m not interested.

Sorry H&H contributors !

Some of you just drone on and are very hard work to listen to, where as David has genuine charm across the airways, no offence guys just feedback.

Voted and hope you win.
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