Possibly no OF matches until 2021?


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Article From the sun

NEXT season’s Old Firm games could ALL be played in 2021 as part of a shock plan to shuffle the Scottish football calendar.

SPFL chiefs are considering a host of changes as they consider how the new season will look after lockdown.

One of the proposals being discussed is to delay all four Premiership derbies between Celtic and Rangers until after the New Year to avoid playing them behind closed doors.

It’s understood the idea has the support of clubs.

And Sky TV, whose new £125million contract kicks in next season, would also rubber-stamp the move.

The hope is that by the time the Celtic v Rangers clashes come around in 2021, Government rules about large public gatherings could be relaxed.
The proposal is set to be raised again at meetings this week, after a final decision has been taken on Hearts’ league reconstruction plan.

It comes after SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell insisted it is "achievable" for Scottish football to get underway again in August.

He said: "We are working through a three-stage plan, similar to the approach the government has taken.

It will start with a return to training, then a return to matches, then a return to spectators being allowed into stadiums at some point.

"There is a four-to-six week training schedule which the medical group are working through.

"And I think that it IS likely we will see football in August.

"We have seen it in countries across Europe, whether they are finishing league programmes, or some who are looking to start next season's programmes.

"I think it is definitely achievable. I think the plans we are putting in place are comprehensive but we need to give government comfort that we can do it in a manner which keeps the players, staff and everybody involved in the game safe but I am sure we can do that."


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I’m pretty sure everybody involved will want this to be the case. SPFL, both clubs, police and Sky will all prefer this.


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I wonder what else the random fixture computer will come up with.

I'm sure there are other fixtures, SKY will be keen to show. Will the back-end of the season feature these as well?

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Surely a Police thing? imagine trying to keep fans away from a closed-door Old Firm?
Fa To do with the police,, its about sky not wanting to show a old firm game around the world with no fans and celtic not wanting to play us with no backing.. scottish football is a 2nd rate junior league


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Fùck it, let's reconstruct and go for a 2-12-10-10-10 set up.
Top division is Rangers v Celtic playing each other 36 times.

Sky would pay a fortune.


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Yet more corruption. If Rangers agree to this I give up, the beast fixture must go ahead as normal. Sporting integrity and all that.


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I don't trust any media article at the best of times, especially one leading with Celtc v Rangers. A Freudian giveaway with that manky term.


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Celtic hoping for advantage again as our winter break form has been awful. Hopefully sorted this year


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As I see it, the first game against them should be at the piggery early Sept, the reverse fixture late December

We should also be going to Sheep and Hibs in the first round of fixtures.

If all 3 fixtures were bcd then we would have had a perceived advantage as our players wouldn’t need to run the gauntlet of hate

Hence the desire to play the”sporting integrity “ card

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What peter wants peter gets.Sky have obviously told them no Rangers v abusers live on tv with a full house(after all that’s what it’s really all about) then no sponsorship no tv deal and pay us what you owe us.We should tell them no.


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They will try everything to win 9 and a half in a row.

If the fixtures are reshuffled we have to protest strongly.

You can guarantee that any changes will be to suit them.


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I'm sure they'd rather take their chances with 60k yahoos screaming 'hand bawwww' anytime one of our players controls it above his ankle and 'penalty' anytime they get near the box
They don’t even need to bother doing that with Clancy and co “refereeing”.