Post a non Rangers fitba " wow" moment


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The International break has again scunnered me so i was looking through old you tube videos and found this old belter.

Feel free to post if you have any of your own.
Over 20 years ago now but I remember it like it was yesterday.

My uncle who sadly passed away a couple of months ago left this game about 2 minutes before Glass scored to miss the traffic (maybe saving about 30 mins). He managed to hear it on the radio though.

If Carlisle hadn't scored from that corner it's most probable we were going out of business.


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Tin hat on for this one - but:
I really don’t need to emphasise how much I thoroughly detest Griffiths, but when the second free kick hit the back of the net I went mental.


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One of my most memorable "I was there" moments was Maradona's 'Hand of God' goal in Mexico 1986. That's the most talked about of his two goals in that match, but the second, dribbling through most of the English team, was sublime. Hard to recall many greater (non-Rangers) goals than that.


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Any time you see a player in the mould of. Ronaldinho or jay-jay Okotcha in action. The game played as it should be: with a smile on your face!