Post a non Rangers fitba " wow" moment


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Non-League Hereford v Newcastle United. How football used to be.
The Ronnie Radford goal is one of football's great "Mandela Effect" moments - it gets all the attention and you only ever see that goal on TV (fair enough, it's a great strike), but it gets completely forgotten that it was only the equaliser and Hereford scored again later on to win the game.

It took me YEARS to learn that it wasn't the winner in that game.


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Barca v psg sergio roberto with the winner in the last minutes

Ac milan v liverpool Istanbul 2005 champs league final

Liverpool v barca last season at Anfield


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First one that sprung to mind was the Germany 7-1 Brazil game.

5 goals in 18 minutes or even better sounding - 4 goals in 6 minutes.

Against the home nation and let’s be honest heavy favourites to win it and then for that to happen has to be up there as one of the most shocking moments in football history.


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Not sure I could say it was a wow moment, as it was more the full match. I was at Man City v Monaco that ended 5-3. Two absolutely fantastic teams.


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Ronaldo's, the Brazilian one scoring a hat trick the last one an overhead to make it 3-2 to Barca against Valencia.


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In terms of what I watched live on tele at the time there’s been a couple of times I’ve shouted at the tele (sorry someone might be able to help me out with the videos)
One time that springs to mind was the Watford v Leicester playoff semi final second leg where the boy misses a penalty and Watford break and score within seconds I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

And see when I think about it, those two champions league semi final second legs last season were absolutely fucking outrageous. I was actually quite gutted for Ajax as I wanted them to win but when Moura slotted that third in at the death I was screaming


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Over 20 years ago now but I remember it like it was yesterday.

My uncle who sadly passed away a couple of months ago left this game about 2 minutes before Glass scored to miss the traffic (maybe saving about 30 mins). He managed to hear it on the radio though.

If Carlisle hadn't scored from that corner it's most probable we were going out of business.
Great watch that you can genuinely see what the club means to the fans. My memory is gubbed though, I thought Carlisle played Scarborough that day


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Great watch that you can genuinely see what the club means to the fans. My memory is gubbed though, I thought Carlisle played Scarborough that day
A few years before that game we had sell out crowds, superb away days, Michael Knighton promising us Champions League football. We've had so called reluctant custodians sucking the life out of the club for a long time now the atmosphere is practically non existent and the away crowds average a few hundred.

I'd say for at least 10 years I thought about that goal at least once a day. It was also around the time when I started to go up to Glasgow when Carlisle had long away trips.

Was a big shock 8 years ago when both of my teams were utter clart after a childhood of Gazza, Laudrup and co.

I've always said it would take England winning the world cup or Rangers winning the Champions League to match it but I'm sure another helicopter Sunday for 55 would do it for me.


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At Ibrox for Rangers v Motherwell, 1971, its half time and it's 0 - 0.

Then the stadium announcer reads out the half tscore from the League Cup final: Celtic 0 Partick Thistle 4.

Rangers came back out to a great atmosphere and ended up winning 4 - 0.
I remember that day. There was a wee boy in a Thistle strip in the Rangers end (youngsters: that's what 'the Copland' as it is called now, was called then) bouncing about on some bear's shoulders for most of the second half, to the huge approval and enjoyment of all.


Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool in the champions league.
Can remember Alex hitting that free kick and reminding me of The Hammer! One of the best games ive seen


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Anything involving Maradona. The world cups in '86 and '90 were the defining ones for me growing up. The most gifted footballer that has ever lived.


Leif Erikson

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This Coupet double save against Barcelona. Ultimately I don't think it meant anything in the game but it's always stuck with me.

Sorry for the awful music - you might want to mute it first.


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Non-Rangers wow moment for me would be Morton 3-0 down to septic at Cappielow in 1964 and coming back to level at 3-3 then Carl Bertelsen scoring an overhead kick bang on full time for the 'winner' only for the ref to disallow it saying that he blew for full time before the ball crossed the line.
Nothing changes much with refs and them.