Post something you recreated on the playground

Bromp Carlisle

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The 'wow moment' thread reminded me of seeing something on TV as a wee guy and trying to recreate it 20 times in a row next time there was a kick about at school, usually accompanied by shouting the players name in a faux commentator voice as it was performed.

I'm assuming this was standard procedure?

One that came to mind but definitely didn't wouldn't qualify as a 'wow moment':


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Mine was Tims 0 v AC Milan 1 in 1969.

The winner was scored by Prati, and every goal I scored in the playground for months after was accompanied by me screaming "Pratiiiiiii..." as loud as I could.


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Van Bastens overhead kick from outside the box against Gothenburg. Must have been one of the earlier champions league years.


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We often recreated the opening scene from Jaws at the swimming, much to the teachers annoyance. Better than diving for a brick in your effing pyjamas.


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Ruud Gullits “head full back shoulders through it” header in the Euro 88 final.

Being quite poor at heading in general, it seldom went in and only succeeded in making me look like I was having some sort of fucking seizure.

Cambuslang Bear

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Mark Walters double step over (I had quick feet about 5 stone ago; edit make that about ten stone ago) and Hateley vs Leeds at Elland Road


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Super Cooper goal , dryborough cup final wonder goal. Chipping ball over imaginary mhanks and slotting ball into goal( painted onto wall)