Praying the fat man is involved in this fraud investigation


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The Belgian police are investigating potential money laundering offenses in the location to the transfer of Mitrovic to Newcastle.
However at present Newcastle are saying they don’t believe they’re involved.

Two people have been detained in an inquiry in Belgium into alleged fraud involving the transfer of football players, prosecutors say.
One, players' agent Christophe Henrotay, was held in Monaco. The other is said to be an associate in Belgium.
They were detained during raids on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Prosecutors said the arrests stem from an ongoing inquiry into the £13m (€18m) transfer of striker Aleksandar Mitrovic from Anderlecht to Newcastle in 2015.
"The facts involve notably money-laundering operations and private corruption in the context of football player transfers," they said on Wednesday.
A search was also carried out in London, where a Metropolitan Police spokesman said they were assisting the Belgian investigation.
It is understood that Newcastle believe they are not directly connected to the inquiry.

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He's got to get caught out someday. He's far too devious to not be tied up in something and he's such a horrible bastard it's bound to catch up with him some day. Sadly, not soon enough.
You’re probably correct. However bring involved in skimming off football transfers is something he would not be anywhere near. It’s small beer to someone like him.


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Too many layers, buffers and cut-offs will prevent Ashley being linked to any investigation by Law Enforcement Agencies.

Best hope is he rips off some really dodgy underworld type and is then the target for an entirely different form of “justice”


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Just came back this afternoon on a flight from Bulgaria & a geordie was sitting next to me & the conversation got round to Ashley
He said to me there are two statues outside St James's park one of Bobby Robson & one of Alan Shearer but a space inbetween should be reserved for a statue of the guy that does Ashley in ,so it was more or less a friendly argument of who hated the fat man the most before we went into slaughtering Derek Lambius another parasite
After a few hours we realised we had quite a bit in common

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Ashley surrounds himself with loyal yes men. Paid handsomely to take the flack when any bad news breaks. Was only a few years ago when an extremely senior ex policeman allowed himself to be ridiculed by MP's when he took the blame for the USC shambles,

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