pre match restlessness?


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Wee bit restless and nervous. Probably our toughest game in the league (Hibs at home and Scumdee away the others) until we face Celtic in January. They have a lot of injuries, so I'm hoping for a comfortable performance, that gives us confidence to win every game until January and put the boot firmly on Lennon's throat and watch him crack at Ibrox.


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The butterflies are really kicking in every time I think about the game. This is when we'll really see what the team's made of this season. A good win sends out the message that we're mentally much stronger than last season.


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Feel sick when my mind drifts towards kick off. Has the feelings of a momentous day. The chance to go 11 (even 5 taking games into hand in account) is massive.

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I slept very well thanks. Just finished breakfast and will be on here for a while before going out for a 10k jog. Home, shower, lunch then I will sit down to catch the pre- match slowly getting more nervous/anxious nearer to kick off. By first whistle I will be sitting agitated not actually enjoying what I’m doing but glued nonetheless as the anxiety slowly increases the longer we take to score. If/when we do I will relax a little but not enough that I can enjoy the game until we get a second and even then I will still be thinking these cu@ts have came back from two down before. The longer the game goes with us leading towards full time the anxiety should drop slightly unless it’s like Killie away recently when I very nearly left the room and was going to check the score after I knew it had ended. Our chase for 55 is taking years off me I’m convinced.


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I seem to be pent up for days before games at the moment. Normally would attend most games so think the lack of physically getting ready, travel to and from, couple of pints before/after is not giving the same release.


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Arse is making buttons was up at 6 taking recycling out , swept leaves off grass , went for a 20 minute walk had 4 coffees kids all up and fed and dressed thinking we might play Morelos Kent and Roofe get into them early no doubt sheep will park the bus , come on Rangers right from the start it’s now or never !


Hate this mob. Ever since I got a kicking in the 70’s going to the bus down at the harbour, in the days we used to leave after pubs shut. Ended up in hospital for a couple of days.
Ever since they have been team and fans I hate with a vengeance.
So fridge is full, beer is cold and battle fever on.

Gio 8

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Why? Youre not Stevie G



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Haven’t thot of anything else since seeing their score yesterday - cannot exaggerate how big a game this is for us

we need to have the same approach as accies , take no prisoners, get the early breakthrough and do not take our foot off the gas and have the sheep desperate for the 90 to end

this moment has been coming for years , we simply must make the most of it

hurry up and get to 12 o’clock !!!!


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Very nervous about today. After their draw yesterday, we can make a statement of intent with a win today. An emphatic win creates even more pressure. The sheep will be desperate to beat us and will likely clug us all over the pitch.


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yup same here, feel like I'm kicking my heels until 12.

Think a combination of us having a great opportunity to extend our lead, having had the shitty international break, and it being one of our tougher home games is creating that feeling.


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This is weird. I didn't see this thread originally and was going to post something similar.

Growing up and into adulthood, most of our games were routine games. I looked forward to them (okay, not always during 2017) and Old Firm games came with extra suspense.

But now a lot of games feel like a cup final.

Maybe because we are playing different, maybe because we had extended months without football, maybe the international break or combination of all.
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