pre match restlessness?


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I'm ok just now but if the Accies game was anything to go by, I'll have a bout of nerves until we (hopefully) score.


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After the Tims result yesterday am feeling a bit more nervous than usual with the chance to go 11 clear.

An early goal or two would certainly help.


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feeling waaaay more relaxed now...
what a team/squad we have..
got this text from one of the most staunchest of Tim’s at my work...
made the day that more special ahha

As much as it pains me to say this yer mob is miles ahead of Celtic.
Rangers can do no wrong and Celtic has quit on Lennon and the entire club needs an complete overhaul from the CEO to the bin man and all those in between.
Congratulations on preventing 10 in a row.”


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I know it’s not a old firm match
but am I the only one with the pre match restlessness that usually only shows up when it’s a match against the filth?
Given my desperation to win the title, I find most of life is spent being nervous. It will be like this til we win the league.
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