Pre-Season friendlies-Are you going?


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Will be at the Blackburn game.

First time at Ibrox in over 20 years. Just happen to be up from Surrey that weekend with a friend who wants to see Glasgow. She's never been to a football game so a friendly seemed like a great idea.

Hoping we can make a day of it and get to the Louden first etc.


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I doubt I will go to any of them. It’s going to be an expensive season with euro travel to factor in. That means something has to give so it will be the friendlies. RTV for me.


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I'll be at all 4.

A few years ago we were perilously close to losing our club forever and its the worst feeling I've ever had outside of bereavement, and it lasted so long. When we got back on an even keel I promised I'd never miss another game that I was physically and financially able to attend, and I haven't. So play up the Glasgow Rangers.


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Bar72 loyal so looks like gona be good value again, spesh if we go through all europa qualifying rounds and make it proper like last year.

Anyway yip all 4 for me + taking my nearly 3 year old lassie to her first game, probs oxford so any tips from paws who have experienced this joy are very welcome:))


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Saying just now that I’m just going to the Derby game.

This may change as the games come round.

Missing the football badly.


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I’m working for them all now, some are my own shift and others O/T.

I’d rather save holidays for Europa League games or bigger league and cup games.

If the opportunity arises that I can make them I’ll go but at the moment I can’t.


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Doubt it. I remember the last friendly I was at v monchengladbach with Mcleish in charge. It was 0-0 and a struggle to stay awake.