Predict the season ahead for Rangers

Simply a Bear

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League and cup double hopefully. As long as we win the league I will be happy. Europe is always a bonus to me, regardless of results in it. I'm looking forward to seeing Sakala, and I think Wright is going to have a very good season, just have a good feeling about him.

Devil's Advocate

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#56 has been kindly gift wrapped for us basically if we're not complacent (I get the irony in this post).

We need to take the cups this year too though and really drive it home.

Ted Dibiase

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The domestic treble, but the league will be a lot closer and we get into the champions league group stage then a wee stint in the Europe after Christmas


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I called it spot on last year.

Win league with a few games to spare (admittedly was more than a few)
No cups
Slight disappointment in Europe.
Hammer Celtic once

This year I will go for league and Scottish cup double.
Last 8 Europa league


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It will be much easier to predict in a month’s time when the transfer window will close. We will have a far better idea of what our squad will look like.

So far we have been disrupted by the international competitions.

My head says we’ll fall short of CL groups, in part due to suspensions to key men, so champions, League Cup and last 16 again I think.


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Let’s be honest, we absolutely need at least a double this year.

I think over 38 games we won’t be touched but there can be no more cup clusterfucks. Our ‘normalisation’ process won’t be complete till we’re winning cups aswell.

Europe will be draw dependent. I would rather finish last in our CL group than get to the Europa knockouts as some predict. 3rd in the group would be lovely
Nope, the cups are a nice bonus but the league is all that matters. That goes for any season, but especially this one. The league is massive this year and would set us up for a huge financial swing in our favour. It's been quoted alot but the "pack of cards" prophecy hasn't quite happened yet.


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Win the league, win a cup, CL groups then Europa league.

Would be a fantastic season with plenty ups and downs as usual! (More ups)


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Won't make CL and that will then mean we sell rather than buy which will mean the league will be closer than some think. Will win LC but not SC
We need to sell, regardless of qualification to the CL.

Think a lot of us have got a wee bit uneasy due to the friendlies. It's a completely different pre-season that last.

We'll see what happens, but barring a monumental fck up, we will be more than capable of competing with any team we meet in Europe. Hope its enjoyable.

The league won't be easy, but, if we dont retain it a disaster.. Straight into CL next season.. We need to win it full stop.

LC I'd give to the 2nd choice/fringe to go for.. we'll be in Europe either way, I'd rather we focused on that.

SC would be nice to win again.


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Domestic treble now that the Gerrard duck is broken. CL groups are a possibility, however, far from easy and we may be forced to settle for EL. I can live with that.


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League : winners by March
Cups : LC win, out at Semi’s for SC
Europe: CL groups then get to the last 16 of EL.

if that happens for me a brilliant season.


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League: Winners
League Cup: Winners
SFA Cup: dunno - would love a treble but not sure
Europe: CL Groups 3rd, EL last 16


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cinch Premiership: WInners
Scottish Cup: Winners
League Cup: Winners

UCL: Eliminated play off round sadly (but hopefully we can make group stage)
UEL: Last 32


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Win the league by 10-15 points
CL - Knocked out after Malmö
EL - Last eight
League Cup - semi finals
Scottish Cup - Winners

Uncle Albert

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Natural pessimism or optimism aside, however you're inclined, it's difficult to see anyone other than us winning the title. We have no idea what will happen with Celtic but I'd expect the points they'll inevitably drop due to their manager and signings adjusting to the league will be enough to give us a comfortable lead.

As for the rest, it never works out the way you think!

J Dawg

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I think we'll win the league plus at least 1 of the cups. A decent showing in Europe by finishing 3rd in CL groups.....not expecting much lol


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Honestly haven’t a clue how this season will pan out?

League - a must. With guaranteed Champions League football next season it’s imperative we win the league. I think we will but certainly not a walk in the park.

Cups. Scottish Cup over League Cup. It’s about time we won a cup competition.

Europe - I think we’ll get past Malmö/Helsinki but haven’t been paying attention to who we can draw after that? I think we’ll make the Last 32/16 of the Europa League whether it’s via the CL group stages or directly through the Europa League (CL qualifying knock out).

Leith Ger

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League - will win it getting somewhere between 88 to 93 points.

League Cup - winners

Scottish Cup - QF

Europe - Out at CL playoff but get to Europa last 16.

Top Scorer Roofe


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League title
1 domestic cup
Round of 16 europa league. Dropping down from champs league group, we’ll have been drawn against either Liverpool or Man Utd in the group too.

Northampton Lodger

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League will be won or lost in the four OF games. I think both teams will have similar results elsewhere. I don’t think a single Celtic player would get a game for us and I include their captain in that. I assuming Eduard is off as I think he is good. I think we also now have people who knows what it takes to go the distance and that is vital.


Harry Potter / Nature Boy
Win the league easy, hopefully a cup alongside it (at least). Will qualify for Champs League, might snatch 3rd if we get a decent draw.