Press Conference: Gerrard and McLaughlin

Graeme's dad

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So Jack and Barker out for a couple of weeks. Not concerned about the loss of Barker, but Jack's injury will mean Davis and Kamara playing 2 games per week for the foreseeable. Got to get another body in there asap.

Grigo Yossarian

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I suppose Arfield could drop back there in a push, but after that, Barjonas? Play Edmundson? Gerrard knows better than anyone how weak we are in that position (from a resources pov) and I am sure that he will be giving Wilson a call fairly often!
I hope you’re right mate. It has been noticeable that SG has seemed a wee bit more heated than normal on that issue in interviews.


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Wouldn't start Davis or Kamara tomorrow would bring in Arfield and Barjonas and give the two starters a rest for Sunday at Hibs.


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Is the sound through my PC terrible, or is the sound (especially when the questions are asked) terrible? had to turn on the daft automated subtitles to make it understandable
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