Private Eye reports on the Daily Record's backfired attack on H&H


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I think whilst highlighting the issue they miss the mark though. According to that our guys posted things offensive to Catholics, the journalists posted things offensive to Rangers supporters? Really? So a certified sectarian word equated to Protestants and used unabashedly and all too frequently is only offensive to our support and not anyone of that religion?

Furthermore, no mention of the, lets be honest, explosive prophet tweet or asking where a proscribed terrorist organisation were at the exact time the Queen was opening the Commonwealth games? Those were substantially worse than anything the podders said.

For clarity, I'm a half and half atheist and could see religion far enough within football. I'm simply looking for parity from all of this.


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Can’t help but think that, back in the days of Willie Rushton and Paul Foot they would have torn the Recods hypocrisy to shreds, even though Foot was no lover of what we are perceived to be and was ex Daily Record he wouldn’t have soft soaped it.


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I’d rather see the positive, that the story was run at all, rather than nitpick the elements it was watered down on. Whether they should have to is a valid enough point…. but anyone with half an ounce will know what it was liable to be anyways.
Good post.

We could be here all day with what they didn't say.
Let the focus be on what they have said.


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I'm glad PE has published this - even if they could have made an even better job of it - as pointed out in many posts above

But I think a significant issue here is the fact that it has taken an 'alternative' news outlet to get this into the 'public eye'

None of the other established media has bothered to mention this -
of course maybe that's because they'd expose themselves to similar misdemeanors they're all guilty of


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Wouldn't champion Private Eye! Their last couple of runs have had digs at our financial situation and share issues. Horrible rag.


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Could have been more critical but not bad,
Wonder if they would be interested in historical child abuse and the years of cover up denial and failure to take responsibility.


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A regular purchase of mine when home so great to see it get the audience similar to the 1 pound lbd grab by the bheggers (can I get done for that ?). Only disappointment is not putting comedian within “ “