Proposals from Juve chairman that


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Apologies, title should read “Proposals from Juve chairman that include us and that lot”

Always been dead against a closed shop champions league but if true, this changes my opinion.

Celtic and Rangers could have a pathway to a revamped Champions League protected as part of proposal to overhaul the most lucrative competition in club football.
Record Sport understands a radical plan, which has been spearheaded by Juventuschairman Andrea Agnelli at a two-day summit of the most mighty clubs in Europe, could safeguard a future route into UEFA’s elite for Scotland’s big two.

Our new information comes on the back of conflicting reports emanating from the European Club Association general assembly in Geneva that Agnelli will push for a closed-door Champions League set-up from season 2024/25 after being re-elected as head of the ECA this week.
However, it is in our understanding that the Italian believes Celtic and Rangers should be given access to the top table because of the rich history of both club’s in European competition as well as a list of other key factors including their fan base, facilities and global reach.
It’s believed Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell - a key member of the ECA board - has been lobbying hard to keep a door open for Scotland’s clubs but it remains unclear at this stage if any of the SPFL’s other top-flight teams would pass the criteria test which Agnelli is set to endorse.

Lawwell has been lobbying hard (Image: SNS Group)
But the 43-year-old is also throwing his weight behind a proposal to create a new third tier competition which would be staged in conjunction with the Champions League and Europa League and lead to massive hike in the numbers of clubs competing in European football.


Currently only 80 clubs across the Continent can qualify for the group stages of UEFA’s two major tournaments. But Agnelli hopes to increase that number to 126 clubs by introducing a new competition which could potentially see millions of extra revenue flood into the Scottish game.

A source said: “There seems to be a misconception that Agnelli is trying to shut the door on Scottish participation in the new-look Champions League. That is simply not the case.
“In fact, on the contrary, he has been very supportive of the arguments which have been put forward from clubs representing Europe’s so called smaller nations and he understands and accepts the principle of safeguarding access to the elite event for historic European clubs such as Celtic, Rangers, Ajax and Anderlecht.

“He doesn’t support a closed shop Champions League and he does not want to challenge the domestic league structure. Instead, he wants to find a way of allowing more clubs from more countries to compete in Europe and access that revenue.

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“The creation of a new third tier competition would mean the likes of Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and other Scottish clubs could compete far more regularly in Europe and that would provide the Scottish game in general with a massive financial shot in the arm.”
UEFA are now set to enter an 18-month consultation period with the ECA as plans for a huge shake-up of the European landscape begin to take shape.
Only after these negotiations are completed will the final consequences of this overhaul for Scotland’s clubs become clear.

Agnelli does not support a closed shop (Image: SALVATORE DI NOLFI/EPA-EFE/REX)
And in a unifying address to the ECA on Tuesday Agnelli said: “The ECA’s task is to protect the position of football in all European countries and not only in those that have made themselves heard in the last two months.
“It’s a privilege for me to lead a board of this calibre.

“It has been an honor to be president of the ECA for these years, and I thank you for confirming me for the next four-year cycle, from 2019 to 2023.
“Everyone is interested in future competitions, but I want to underline that there isn’t my side or another side, just the side of football which everyone should be on.
“From this point of view, I’m sure that under the presidency of (UEFA’s Alexander) Ceferin we’ll pursue unity in football.
“That’s what we’ll try to achieve, in the interest of all European clubs.”


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If he doesn't want a closed shop what exactly is he looking to change? None the wiser after that.


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Can't be arsed reading it, but he will fight for Juve and the big 5 nations. Lawwell may fight for Celtic, but Lawwell is just a waiter at the big table. The big 5 want the guaranteed income of CL football. Celtic have won the EC but PSG haven't. Who has most sway ? 22 clubs have won the CL/EC, but the following clubs have not
Athletico Madrid,Valencia PSG,Roma, Napoli, Lyon,SCP, Monaco, Greek and Turkish clubs.


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why would the juve chairman give a %^*& whether clubs from scotland or holland have direct access into the champions league.

Clubs from countries such as england, spain, italy ,germany and france are only interested in guaranteeing as many of them are in the champions as possible.

file this under p1sh.


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The FACT that one of the Champions League stars represent our club should be enough in itself to make sure we are given future access.

Fuk the tarriers

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Us being included in the proposal doesn’t make it a good proposal.

Champions League places should be awarded on merit. Nothing else.