PSV officials given Celtic Park red carpet treatment ahead of Rangers clash


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maybe they were trying to get the mitigation pleas in for september?

"but but PSV and us are pure pals in awe that we a good bunch really your honour"

Skyy Bluenose

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Reminds me of a trip I had to Vegas. Split trip with the first few nights in the Monte Carlo. Perfectly fine room and casino. Enjoyed it. Last few nights in Wynn. Realized that Monte Carlo was a dump.

PSV officials should have the same experience.

Blues and Royals

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I wonder if they got a tour of the trophy room. Probably not as none of their players have ever been charged with attacking a tram full of woman and children in Amsterdam


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The big jock knew camp with its resplendent breeze block Art Deco, I’m sure the Dutch were thinking, what a fucking shite hole this is.


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In Europe its the PSV officials that get the red carpet at Celtic park.

In Scotland, its the officials.