World Cup 2022 Qatar v Senegal, Netherlands v Ecuador, Wales v Iran, England v United States - Friday 25th

Quite a few decent players in the Iran team. Deserve to win this but suspect they will tire badly now.
Ramsey is putting in a worse performance than Alfie at St mirren, which is saying something.

We really got caught up in a pipe dream with him, eh?
If this ends a draw or a Wales defeat, which would be the fairer result, and England win later. Could we see another potential Germany-Austria game from 1982 when Wales and England play? England could have nothing to play for.
Bale has been a disgrace, walking around the centre circle when Iran are breaking after turnovers
Bale and Ramsey have been anonymous to be honest

Both absolutely done ( I now await one of them putting it in top corner to win the game)
Why are the commentators constantly been saying a draw is no good for either? I can't get my head around it.