QoS troll Rangers in their Twitter account


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It’s a joke, there’s no reason to be so precious.

How the hell can there be any banter when people queue expectantly to be offended?


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There's a lot of shit going down just now that's grating on me-this most certainly does not even remotely fall into that category.


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I've read the tweet a few times and have given it all some serious consideration. I've come to the conclusion that there are approximately 193 things I'm more likely to get worked up about this week than this.

Also, has someone changed the definition of "trolling"...?


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This would be perennial second tier also-rans and general football non-entities Queen of the South?

Em . . . okay.


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Next time they ask for a player on loan or for us to send a team to play a friendly/testimonial tell them YE........sorry NO.

tottie beck

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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH have trolled Rangers after the Ibrox penalty controversy against St Mirren last week. Gers were awarded four penalties by referee Andrew Dallas as the Light Blues defeated the Buddies by four goals to nil in the Scottish Premiership.
And Championship side Queens decided to have a sly dig at Steven Gerrad’s side on Twitter as they were defeated by Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup. The club’s media team took to Twitter as Aberdeen were awarded a penalty and said: “PENALTY RAN…sorry Aberdeen.”
The tweet has racked up over 350 retweets and over 1,000 favourites. Queen of the South are not the first to make a joke over the number of penalties awarded to the Ibrox side recently, with St Mirren producing a similar tweet a week ago.
Rangers have been awarded SIX penalties in their last three games.
Weve had 10 penalties awarded in the first 25 games this season. The Sheep have been given 8, and Killie 7, that's hardly a substantially advantage over other clubs. All it proves to me is we (Mostly Alfie) are proving a handful in our opponents penalty box.

A more interesting statistic (which was posted earlier) is we also have had more players cited than any other club in the SPFL with 9 players subjected to trial by TV by the compliance officer. Kilmarnock and Hearts have had 6 players each cited in the same 25 game period.

Interestingly the tarriers have had the grand total of zero players cited by the compliance officer this season so far. As weve all seen from TV footage that doesnt mean they are necessarily commit less, or even less serious, infractions


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Harmless banter.

However, failed story when writer can't even spell making this absolutely laughable.


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Sadly the narrative from outside of our support from pretty much most fans of all other clubs is that we get every decision in every game and when we get a penalty even if our player was shot with an AK-47 it’s just the refs helping us out not that it’s actual a blatant penalty as in the last two games.

This is brought on propaganda in the press on online.


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I'm incandescent with rage over this.

In fact, I'm so angry that I'm boycotting every league match we play against them from now on :rolleyes:

Blue Lew

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I couldn’t give a f.uck what some tin pot club’s “witty” twitter account said but I don’t think I would be too happy if I supported them.
Could you imagine our club’s official account tweeting something like that after conceding a penalty during a during a game? No me neither.
No class, low rent twats.


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I often log off after a session in here and question my staunchness and British credentials. I just don’t get worked up in the slightest about shit like this. Phuck I even had a wee chuckle at that tweet.

No doubt someone will be along to tell me I am part of the problem with a wee ragin face