QoS troll Rangers in their Twitter account


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I often log off after a session in here and question my staunchness and British credentials. I just don’t get worked up in the slightest about shit like this. Phuck I even had a wee chuckle at that tweet.

No doubt someone will be along to tell me I am part of the problem with a wee ragin face
I feel they missed a trick when they upgraded the emojis. A pyoor ragin face would have been well used.


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Oh wow 6 penalties in 3 games. I saw Derren Brown flip tales 20 times in a row on tele once. Each penalty should be treated as an individual case and not a tally of how many times its happened in a row.

Just looks like someones trying to alter the thinking. Agenda anyone?


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I've read the tweet a few times and have given it all some serious consideration. I've come to the conclusion that there are approximately 193 things I'm more likely to get worked up about this week than this.

Also, has someone changed the definition of "trolling"...?
what 193 things then that your more likely to get worked up about then :confused:


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Wee shite club with wee shite patter.

It’s actually quite sad and pathetic. Yet another example of either the hatred, bile and scale of how pathetic Scottish Football actually is. From top to bottom.

Those not bothered by this, I’m curious to know. Do League 1 or League 2 clubs do this to EPL clubs? Does this ‘trolling’ happen to clubs in La Liga? Bundesliga? French Ligue 1? Serie A?

Just Scotland?


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Last week Queens were crying about the lack of support at home games. They can kiss goodbye to anymore from me as a local team. Ill put they money into rising stars or Rangers club merchandise. Im now going tp look for Dalbeattie star strip
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I don't care about their shit patter that was stolen from someone more original than themselves a few days before but its laughable how utterly despised we are.

Despite everything we've gone through and been punished for, its not quite been enough for Scotland and some of it's inhabitants.

It would appear that Celtic could waltz to a good few titles / trophies in a row more while also denying a paedophile ring operated at their club for decades and no one would care nor would the hatred come close to what is aimed at us.

It's amazing really.


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Trolling us? Aye ok. I'm very upset.
It’s the fact that they are perpetuating this myth that we get favoured from the referees, when the reality is quite the opposite. Looking at the treatment we receive compared to the tarriers by the refs on the pitch and the Catholic Officer afterwards, they are still trying to push the agenda we get too much.


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I dont think they are trolling us, i think they are having a joke because we have had 6 pens in 3 games. I for one dont get outraged at jokes like that


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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH have trolled Rangers after the Ibrox penalty controversy against St Mirren last week. Gers were awarded four penalties by referee Andrew Dallas as the Light Blues defeated the Buddies by four goals to nil in the Scottish Premiership.
And Championship side Queens decided to have a sly dig at Steven Gerrad’s side on Twitter as they were defeated by Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup. The club’s media team took to Twitter as Aberdeen were awarded a penalty and said: “PENALTY RAN…sorry Aberdeen.”
The tweet has racked up over 350 retweets and over 1,000 favourites. Queen of the South are not the first to make a joke over the number of penalties awarded to the Ibrox side recently, with St Mirren producing a similar tweet a week ago.
Rangers have been awarded SIX penalties in their last three games.
Every rangers post pulls more than this “viral” tweet. Attention seeking click bait at its worst.


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One of the few clubs if not the only club to vote in our favour when all the shit came down.

It's a joke, get over it, its not at the expense of anyone. Its currently the topic of conversation. It's like people have forgotten what it's like to support Rangers with the attention we get.

I imagine there's lots of huffing and puffing behind keyboards akin to that Harry Enfield sketch of the guy in the pub.

Pathetic humourless bunch some of you.


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QOS - having a bit of light heartened fun, not an issue at all. It was an anomaly against St Mirren, nothing more than that - we knew the flak that would be coming our way, even though is has sweet FA to do with us.


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Its just top banter although i didn't laugh:rolleyes:, talk of boycotts on page 1 are crazy :eek:

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Im disappointed that I replied to this thread because I really could not give one single %^*&.

I wish people would regain the ability to have a little chuckle at things some times rather than seeking to be offended by fucking everything.


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They're just bitter because the trivia about them being the only football team mentioned in the bible is false.

Silly Billy's.


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This wasn't put up as a way of "trolling" us, it was put up for a laugh.

Some of the nuclear hot takes on this thread are astounding. For folk that sing "No one likes us, we don't care" I can't believe this has gotten under folk's skins. Weird.

Not everything is an attack on us.


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what 193 things then that your more likely to get worked up about then :confused:
The alarm going off in the morning x5
Having to get out my bed for work x5
Walking the dog in the freezing cold x5
De-icing the car x5
Sitting on the M8 going to work x5
Making small talk with the janny on the way into the building x5
Spending a day at work x5
Assorted assholes I work with x100 approx
The paltry range of lunches available x5
The lack of a decent staffroom x5
The drive home from work x5
The way the DFB next door parks his car x5
Football phone-ins x5
A bunch of documents I need to wade through in my own time for work this week x32
Replying to a humourless fud on here x1


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If the sheep had any self awareness they'd realise theyre the only side UK wide who have had a penalty in each of their last 4 games

They've had 8 in their 20 fixtures to ours and the tims 6


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If there’s any trolling to be done here it’s us that should do it. Like our Twitter feed posting

“Penalty to Rangers!

Only kidding, haven’t kicked off yet....”

At like one minute to three before our next game or something.


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I think that The Bold Eric summed this one up.
The seagulls are merely trailing in the wake of the trawler hoping for a sardine.

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