Queen of the South did what to Dundee?


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I’ve listened over a few times. I’ve even tried purposefully to hear ‘thumped’. All I’m hearing is ‘fukced’


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First listen; sounds like fumped rather thank thumped.

Second listen; sounds like fu(ked.

Sack him, either way.


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Cannot stand the boy with 'the hoops, the champions, the invincibles' etc trotted out every second sentence but as much as I try to hear fecked all I hear is thumped.

Geoff Hurst

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Surely nobody thinks he says thumped if that’s the case 99%of the male population will be charged with thumping


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Got it sent to me on my phone earlier and thought it was thumped but hearing it there on the laptop it sounds more like fucked

Alcatraz Loyal

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At first I thought I heard 'thunked' but after that 'f*cked'

Even the wife (who teaches English in high school) heard the latter