Question about yesterdays SPFL meeting


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Does anybody know of they discussed using the cup weekend for league games surely that should have been on the agenda?


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I'd guess lie-well , mulraney and cohorts would have been discussing how to null and void the season , while blaming Rangers ...
55 will bring this cabal crashing down

Valley Bluenose

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It should have been but I suspect only two things were discussed - the shitstorms that are the suspension of the lower Leagues and the non-delivery of the funding supposedly coming from the Scottish Government. Apparently Rangers asked a question about the difference in relationship between the ScoGov and the SRU vice the relationship with the SPFL - given rugby got £20m and football 'only' £30m (if it ever arrives).


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They controlled the narrative of asking each club for questions selecting some and going with that, news last night said some chairmen were unhappy with this and said it was controlled.

High Society

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It’s the clubs who are to blame. These bstards who are controlling everything for the benefit of one club are still unchallenged by the member clubs.
Mulraney, Petrie, MacKenzie, the female ”who went to a good catholic school “ a horrible cabal who should have been shot down years ago but when we challenged only 12 clubs stood tall


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I think the SPFL board will be dugmeat at the end of the season.More and more clubs must be sick of them.