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Can you elaborate on what you mean with this one bud?
Its a number of things, the banning of fans and the failure to stick up for fans after the scottish cup final, the failure to stick up for fans after the Kilmarnock debacle at the start of the season, not surprising considering the head of security hates fans
The failure to stand up for fans in general we are fair game and it would be nice if occasionally the club stood up for us but only seem to react when its individuals within the club who are criticised
The emails sent out to people who are in bf1 to tell us our tickets wouldn't be valid for the European game, myself and my sons were basically blamed without any evidence and told we weren't wanted even although we could have been accommodated elsewhere in the stadium,
Even the poor communication about Saturday and the colts game, it seemed almost an afterthought to let fans know what was happening

Grigo Yossarian

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1. Communication. Rangers communication is not great. For example the travel club should email members in advance advising that they are unlikely to source a plane due to school holidays, Thomas Cook going bust etc instead of waiting until a few days before the game. Rangers could also have an FAQ on the site or that they send by email to season ticket holders explaining how the away game scheme and the CCCS for Semis and Finals works as some of our fans have difficulty separating the two and understanding how the schemes work.

2. Catering. Any chance of vendors like Subway and Papa Joe's inside Ibrox?

3. Rangers 150th Anniversary in 2022. Do Rangers have a programme of stuff planned? I.e. a commemorative friendly match at Ibrox, an event at Ibrox for the 150th Anniversary,Limited edition kit i.e the first one worn by Rangers or maybe even a new documentary and or book on Rangers History.
Really like your idea on 2022 special history based kit.


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Like many others I would like to see the club take a stand against our many detractors. This issue with HMRC needs to be persued with the utmost vigour.
If those responsible for screwing the club over have links to Celtic fc, we have to call for sanctions against them. Indeed it may well be a matter for the police.
We cant keep turning the other cheek.


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The club aren’t interested in what we want Greg.

Hundreds of RSCs signed their name towards backing safe standing, including all the biggest ones. Organisations backed it. Its being pushed by the only visual group in Ibrox.

It gets ignored, fobbed off. Doesn’t even get mentioned in the recent fans survey because you know the last survey the majority voted for it.

What more do you need to know about what we want?


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The club aren’t interested in what we want Greg.

Hundreds of RSCs signed their name towards backing safe standing, including all the biggest ones. Organisations backed it. Its being pushed by the only visual group in Ibrox.

It gets ignored, fobbed off. Doesn’t even get mentioned in the recent fans survey because you know the last survey the majority voted for it.

What more do you need to know about what we want?

The club just pretend to listen. Tick-box exercise for them.


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Do the club have any intention of going all guns blazing for HMRC and their gross negligence that caused catastrophic damage to Scotland largest and most decorated sporting institution!?

I think we have every right as fans of the club to sue HMRC on behalf of the club for damages, loss of earnings, losing multi million pound assets (players), being kicked out the league, the list is endless.

Absolutely sick to the pit of my stomach that those bastards have caused so much unnecessary damage and hurt to so many people.
You won't get an answer on that just now mate unfortunately!


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Rangers were pish until very recently, why didn't you stop watching?

The womens team is part of the club, you don't have to actively support it but there is no reason not to make it the best it can be.
Rangers are Rangers good or bad I follow on. Have done for 56 years and was born a bear 4 years earlier... good luck to the ladies I hope they beat the scum but I'm out.


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Has to be the ticketing section on the website saying sold out when they haven't even gone on sale. It only takes a bit of coding getting changed.

Thomsons tackle

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Now that the Old Firm Final emails are out/in the process of being sent out we can move on to some other things for a bit.

I'm interested in what fans think are the biggest issues at the club and the things that we would most like to see.

Just a little bit of brainstorming
The west enclosure toilets are stinking and need some tlc.

It Is Old But Beautiful

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2022 club anniversary is fast approaching and we still have no information on what is even going on. Last I heard was a building study of Edmiston House and some project about a Memorial Garden that backfired?


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It’s getting rammed down our throats at every angle
Sort of on the same topic but was watching soccer am and they had Wayne Bridge (I think it was) and some woman from the England female national team doing the drill. This lassie is supposed to be in the peak of her career, bridge is about ten years older and retired a couple of years and he embarrassed her. She was literally getting our of breath running a few yards around the mannequins, couldn't catch a volley. I guess my point is that people will pay the going rate and turn up in the corresponding numbers to the standard on offer. Women's football is miles behind in this aspect. Anyway as for suggestions, working smoke alarms in the bogs would be nice.


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Great. Now that we've fed all that back I am sure our SLO - who the club are forced and obliged to appoint by UEFA, not the club's choice - will get it all sorted and the board will get to work on these points straight away.

Does anyone really think there is any sincerity in any of this "engagement"??

They have this or a survey every year - and still our catering is shit, still no standing section, still UB's tucked away in BF1, still no PR, still failing to defend us in the media, still poor communications, still a poor matchday experience.


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Improvements in seating and ticketing to maximise atmosphere, attendance, income and fairer ticket availability for all.

There seems to be a fair proportion of our support in favour of a safe standing area, I reckon this should be given serious consideration by the club, as it is likely to improve match day atmosphere.

Review area set aside for away support when teams with a handful of supporters are visiting. It's infuriating seeing hundreds of empty seats in the away section, when the demand for tickets by our own support is so high. We would easily sell these empty seats, generating additional income for the club and getting more of our own fans in to back the team.

I'm a non ST holder, purchased public sale tickets for me and my daughter for every home game this season (league, europa league, friendlies) - with the exception of Celtic, due to no public sale. For league games these are normally the back rows/wings of the club deck. None of these tickets are available on public sale for the Celtic match, I can only presume these seats are given directly by the club to sponsors, etc. Some form of non ST holder membership scheme could be considered, giving regular non ST holder match goers access to some of these tickets - either by ballot or a points based system. This is probably insignificant to many ST holders, as they face their own issues with CCCS, ballots, away tickets, etc. But, being a non ST holder it's a bit of a scramble getting tickets for most home games via public sale/secondary ticketing. It's disappointing knowing these non ST holder seats which are normally available, are given to folk who aren't regular attendees for the biggest games of the season.

George Goudie

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In light of 'THE TAINTED EIGHT!' Greg.

I would loooooove the Club to consider this:


Bannockburn Bear

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In no particular order (most probably discussed already in this thread)

  1. HMRC scandal - the club should try and offer some comment if they can.
  2. SD - when or can we expect closure?
  3. PR - lot of articles from certain “journalists” and news outlets go unchallenged - the club needs to speak out.
  4. Catering at Ibrox - poor choice, low quality, expensive and no facility to pay using contactless. When the current deal is up couldn’t we get proper companies in? Greggs for example?
  5. Ibrox and area surrounding it needs brought back up to standard - it’s painful to see how standards have declined over the years - the structural frame at The Club Deck badly needs sorted.
  6. Edmiston House - what are we looking to do regarding this?
  7. Club website - we should look to replicate Man Utd’s website - ours is very poor.
  8. Toilets throughout the ground are badly needing refurbished.
  9. Safe standing - there’s clearly a large section of the support looking for this.
  10. Why can’t you buy a programme from the same place you buy your pie? By introducing contactless the whole process is quicker.
  11. Membership scheme - easy way to generate more revenue and increase advertising etc. Could possibly work in a way to generate loyalty points for ticketing issues many have commented on.

Like has already been discussed, if the Club are serious about fan engagement then there are a number of easy things that can be done. How about a weekly Fan Engagement email - if the club can’t comment on certain legal matters then fine, even just to acknowledge that they’re aware and working to improve things. We’re almost all bringing up the same issues.

Graeme's dad

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1. Club's response to the Tax revelation.
2. Safe standing - Apart from big Euro games/Celtic, the atmosphere generated from 50 000 supporters is ordinary, to be kind. Only the UB keep this going for the entire 90 minutes.
3. HR - Club is horrendous in attempting to defend the fans/counter fake news. Much as I hate to say it, we need to appoint a Hollicom type company. Our in-house 'solution' is a joke.
4. Disabled facilities - Cant imagine how difficult it must be to be disabled and try to support your team at Ibrox. (Not unique to us, but we should always strive to be the best at everything, both on an off the field)
5. Catering facilities - Will never need to be improved while you have a captive audience. Bring in some external catering companies who pay rent for their space and provide the supporters with a quality choice.
6. Toilets - Need to be upgraded and improved.
7. Move the away fans to the club deck. Should also have the benefit of reduced stewarding costs.
8. Membership scheme.
9. Travel Club
10. Reconsider the ballot scheme for semi final/final tickets.

It must be said that there has been a massive improvement in everything related to Rangers, since King and the 3 bears took over, (albeit from a very low bar), but merely be addressing some of the issues above and those raised throughout the thread, would generate a fair amount of goodwill from the support.


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Safe standing think it will make the overall atmosphere better
Catering it’s rank rotten pies burgers etc
Way we deal with the mhedia in this country


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The club’s stance on politics/media/PR/etc. is hopeless.

Surely Dave King must realise by now that the board made a terrible mistake in deciding this whole area should not receive anything other than minimal resources.

A dominant CEO with plc experience and political nous was required and we don’t have that.

The club’s website represents an example of where radical improvements could be made at relatively little expense.

Why not get Rangers fans with the relevant expertise to revamp the site?

Why not allow Rangers supporters to pen articles about the club’s history?

Indeed, why not turn it in to the first port of call for Rangers supporters sick of bias within the mainstream media?

The board should also have immediately removed employees within Ibrox who gave support to the spivs.