Rab Douglas


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If the intention was to ensure we got a difficult away tie then surely the SFA would use someone with intelligence to do it.
The only thing I would say is why don't we see all the balls being dropped into the pot and them being given a good shoogle before they draw the first like any other draw on TV.


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The fact the players can look in the bowl is simply ridiculous .

I don’t think the OP is saying it’s an elaborate fix , but players can see in the bowl and we’ve now had three away draws in a row .

Simple way to stop it - don’t let the players see in the fcking bowl ffs !

Or do a computer generated draw


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I don't for one minute thinks its a fix but why don't they do what they do in England and have a cloth covering the bag so you have to put your hand through that. Stops all this noinsense in its tracks. Well maybe not people will still say there are some heated .
They did have a cloth on top of it did they not?


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My favourite clip of Rab (seeing as he's star of the thread) is the one where he's doing the opposite of smirking - shitting himself - as big Jorg prepares the penalty at Ibrox. You can almost smell the fear and sweat pouring from Rab's coupon in anticipation of being scudded by a thunderbolt as Jorg begins his run up, only to deftly pass it past Rab into the pokey.
If Drap Douglas is involved I wouldn’t trust the draw at all. I haven’t watched it the first time never mind a rerun but he hates Rangers there’s no denying that, I do though doubt that he has the wit and guile to pull off such a feat.

If there’s the slightest hint of impropriety then this should be brought to the attention of the authorities. Mind you, they gave us the draw they wanted so I doubt they’d pay any attention.

Watch out for rab, a sleekit clown with a recording device.


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Yes and where is the link ? Why is it not available ? Has it been taken down ? I think we should be told.
It’s on BBCiPlayer, 2 hours 15 minutes. I’ve just had another look, he’s smirking while drawing all the balls out, I think it’s just a nervous thing to be honest, he doesn’t appear to even be looking when pulling our ball out.
Let's be clear, I never said or even suggested that the SFA or even the BBC were involved in fixing the draw, I am saying that Rab Douglas knew what ball he was drawing out.
He clearly looks in the bag and smirks before putting his hand in the bag, his hand movement, to me appears to show him grabbing one ball and holding it. Billy Dodds is totally different when he is doing it.
It is my opinion on it