Ramadal Falcao

Why could he not do the business in England.

Everywhere he has been outside of England he has been prolific.
Porto - 51 league Starts - 41 Goals
Atletico Madrid - 68 League Starts - 52 Goals
Monaco - 96 League Starts - 59 Goals
Europa League - 33 Starts - 31 Goals
Champions League - 28 Starts - 14 Goals
Super Cup - 1 Start - 3 Goals

England - 36 League Starts - 5 Goals

Is football really that different in England that this guy couldn't cut it?


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Coming back from an acl tear and going to the premier league with high expectations at United probably didn't help. Little harder to explain the Chelsea one


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I don't think he got a fair crack of the whip tbh. Needed a serious run of games and the loonies in England think that's 3 or 4 in a row. On paper, his game is made for the premiership.


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I'm sure you could go around every fan forum and say the same about numerous players.

Maybe the fact that the op is talking about a world class player, may make these comparisons a tiny bit different though, no?
Not really. The point being that a player should not be judged until he has had a proper run of games. That said, Barasic is a Croatian international - not world class but hardly a run-of-the-mill type either. And as for other fans forums - who cares?


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Injuries, mainly.

He also played in van Gaal’s Man Utd team which weren’t exactly a free flowing attacking unit.

Before the injuries when he was at Porto and Atletico he genuinely looked like he would go down as one of the world’s great strikers, never really fulfilled that potential but has still had a great career.


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Pre knee injury he would have strolled the EPL but it was a bad injury and he was still finding his feet after it when he was at Man Utd.

During his spell at Porto and Atletico Madrid he was easily one of, if not THE deadliest finisher around. He even showed he still had it during Monaco's run to the Semi Final a couple of years ago.

Xavi Hernandez

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He was like devastating at Porto and his first year or so at Atletico. Always remember the first half hat-trick he scored v Chelsea in the 2012 Euro Super Cup.

Some player who was stopped in his pomp with that injury.

However, remember there were rumours that that his passport was fake and he was a few years older than everyone thought? Maybe his legs just went and he is actually early 40s :D

J Dawg

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Tougher league and was found out.
I'd disagree with that mate.
Spanish league is best league in the world in terms of talent in my opinion.

Plus the fact he has a 50% strike rate in the CL says a lot about him.

Quality striker.

Him and Morelos would be great together :)


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Some players just don't fit to a certain league or team i think, don't doubt he'd have done better with another club or at another time during his career. Terrific player.


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Ramadal :))

The knee injury prior to the 2014 World Cup and the amount of effort he put in trying to make it back for that tournament clearly had a massive impact on him.

In fairness he showed a return to form when he was at Monaco and when he was with Atletico and Porto he was absolutely sensational. I’d say he was the most feared striker in Europe at that point.

Capital G

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Certainly not the first and won’t be the last high profile striker to fail to achieve the expectations of them at Chelsea or even Man Utd for that matter.
I stayed in the region and remember suggesting we go for him back in the day whilst he was at River. May even have claimed he would score for fun. We might never have got Beattie though.