Randomised Fixtures each season

SouthEast Jim

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Am I the only one that doesnt give too much of a %^*& about the order of fixtures? A tough run now means an easier run later, the games need to be won whenever we play them.


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It all even’s itself out in the end.

But as I said, the concept of score board pressure does exist. E.g. get 3 or 4 points ahead early doors and it can really build the pressure on the team behind going into old firm’s etc.

It does appear some of the issues are just luck. E.g. how they happen to have nearly all the top 7 home first. But things like us always being away to Aberdeen or 3rd from the year before in game one is a joke. When people complain about the monotony of the league (Play each other 4 times a year) us always starting at Pittdorie etc doesn’t help. The familiarity being so much that you can virtually write our fixtures next season before the old one has finished increases the monotony factor.

Moving the old firm purely to suit the Tims is bs too. A wee team needs the visiting bears more than the paedo XI. Why should a Hamilton or a Ross County miss out on more money compared to the richest team in the country? Corrupt.
Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a right good moan about the fixtures myself. Three difficult away fixtures at start of season and also the same come January a bit suspicious especially since we have stumbled the last couple of years in January, albeit after a break.