Rangers 2-0 Celtic Highlights | Tavernier and Arfield Score in Dominant Old Firm Derby Display! | Ladbrokes Premiership


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I have watched that second goal about 50 times today.

It is a thing of beauty.

Kamara was utterly unreal in that passage of play.

His turn on Brown with the crowds reaction.

But after watching it so many times my favourite thing is now the moment before Arfield finishes it.

You can hear 50,000 people shout 'Go on' when then ball makes it's way through to him then there is an eerie moment of silence just before Arfield slots away, where clearly the same 50,000 took a breath in at the same time.

Just beautiful.

Watching from afar it was great to hear such an amazing atmosphere albeit through a TV. No other support comes close.

Emperor Smith

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Watch the sour coupons on the two cops as SG goes to the away dugout to shake hands at the final whistle.
Methinks they have bought wholly into the SNP's "Poleas Alba" ethos and are a pair of tarriers.


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A 2nd minute free-kick from James Tavernier put the Gers ahead early before Scott Arfield slid a second past Scott Bain to give the hosts their second victory against Celtic at Ibrox this season. :))

The audacious chip from Defoe that hit the bar shows what a world class player he is.


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Gerrard telling the rest of the bench to sit the fk down after the first goal goes in. "We've not won it yet" !!!


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I think the SPFL highlights had heavy sound editing...virtually no singing apart from the end. And I may be wrong but I don’t remember any renditions of Every Other Saturday during the match...


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That game was a thing of beauty to behold and maybe “ It’s in the net might write a poem about it “;) hint hint ..but to see the gallowgate galactos running about like clueless headless chickens in sheer desperation was a sight i’ll never forget , their goalie saved them from a real tanking and that dummy from Defoe to set up Arfield was a work of art . Still can’t stop thinking about that game it and watching replays :)) . WOW!!!