Rangers' Alfredo Morelos valuation hammered as Charlie Ridiculous claims only 'desperate' clubs would pay big

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Charlie Nicholas believes only a "desperate" club would pay a huge fee for Alfredo Morelos.

The former Celtic striker insists Rangers are "dreaming up" figures over the 25-goal Colombian after Dave King maintained even a £40million bid would be knocked back in January.

Morelos has been linked with Aston Villa and Crystal Palace following a stunning run of goalscoring form.

But Nicholas feels clubs would only be willing to splash out huge money in exceptional circumstances, pointing to the 23-year-old's lack of Champions League experience and lack of goals against Celtic.

Morelos is set to square off against Odsonne Edouard in Sunday's Betfred Cup Final and Nicholas is adamant the Frenchman is worth more.

He told The Express: " Rangers can dream up whatever number they like for Alfredo Morelos.

"Dave King has said he won't sell him for £40million in January. Well, if Morelos is worth that then Celtic must be thinking Odsonne Edouard is worth £50m.

"We can all come up with numbers but unless a club is genuinely interested and comes up with a realistic bid then it means nothing.

"The bottom line is that Gers are not going to get anyone to bid anywhere near that.

"It would need to be a team that is really, really desperate.

"Morelos has been linked with the likes of Crystal Palace and Aston Villa but they won't spend more than £25m on a centre-forward.

"A lot of clubs are tightening the reins financially and you are not seeing the same level of spending.

"Yes, Rangers can point to Morelos' goals. He has done well domestically outside of the Celtic games and he has scored goals in Europe, but it has been in the Europa League, not the Champions League.

"If a bid was to come in around the £25m mark then there would be a serious debate in the Ibrox boardroom rather than the £40m that has been quoted.

"Edouard has delivered in the Old Firm derbies, whereas Morelos hasn't. That has been the difference a lot of the time.

"That's why I expect Celtic to lift the Betfed Cup on Sunday."

I can smell the fear from here, only one way to shut these fuckers up Alfie, go grab the winner on Sunday!


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how has it been "hammered" when it's somebody who knows nothing about football? :D

all he knows does on Sky's shows is try to attention seek, screaming "chance!" at Stelling who probably tries to avoid him. Actually have to laugh when they ask him about football stories because his knowledge is almost as low as Andy Walker


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Here we go Alfie’s shit cause he hasn’t scored v Celtic

well scum bags when he puts you to the sword Sunday and we run riot what shite do you have next

Edourd is good but he ain’t a goal scorer like Alfie

in fact there is no way he could have scored the quality of goals Alfie has in recent weeks he just doesn’t have the ability to strike the ball or head the ball the way Alfie does


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Charlie sat on SSN on Hogmanay 2007 telling us all that his world had fell apart, he couldn't even speak, he had no idea how to deal with things following Phil O'Donnells passing a few days previous.

That same day he was ordering champagne by the boatload at the Cameron House marina restaurant as if he was celebrating a lottery win.

Charlie will say whatever he thinks the tarriers want to hear from him, even when it's fake grief for a player tragically dying on the pitch.


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Charlie has been back on the Charlie. I have never known an ex Rangers Player coming out and questioning the fees that the scum want for their players. Yet, every time one of our players are quoted for going for a decent fee, every ex scum player comes out and tries to ridicule it.


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Rangers have said nothing regarding Alfies value. How come its all fine and well to hyperinflate the price tag of dembele and chocco hip but none of our players? Jealousy is oozing here.

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McBurnie and Solanke are just two examples of strikers who weren't capped at international level, had no goals in Europe of any description yet both go for £20m+. Can you imagine if Alfie played for them, we'd be getting £50/£60m chat in the fucking papers.

And we'll have our own ex players coming out and agreeing with Ridiculous. Give me fucking strength!


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It wasn't so long ago that the club's £20M valuation of Alfredo was being laughed at by all and sundry. Even Cahrlie is now saying its £25m if not £40m. The narrative has changed.

Morelos has come a long way in a short time and continues to improve and his transfer value is improving with it. At the moment though he is priceless to us (quite simply irreplacable).

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The agenda is clear, big up septic players, undervalue Rangers players, its pathetic, how is biscuit hips getting on at arsenal you absolute fud Nicholas.


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what happens to the Scottish media if Alfie scores against them on Sunday?

the only thing they have against him is netting against them, they'll probably combust when it happens