Rangers Castore Home Kit Now On Sale - ALL LAUNCH DISCUSSION IN HERE - Info in First Post


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Off topic but I had to email Rangers as I hadn't been added to the MyGers mailing list, all my mates were getting emails but I wasn't. Got an email a couple of weeks ago saying I had been added to the mailing list now.
They said my email address had been suppressed but all sorted now. Iv never had an email from MyGers since I signed up has anyone else had this?


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That will be sold out before tomorrow night.
Doee anyone know what numbers we sold with our record kit sales ? I’ve no idea on numbers . The club must know what our best selling kit was . I’ll hazard a guess at the Nike NTL home jersey . Must’ve sold over 100,000 of those easy .


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I'm comparing it to the picture of Hagi with a bright light shining directly at him
Apologies thought you were meaning the pic with all the players. Still the pics with just the tops on their own will still look different to how it looks when somebody is wearing it. Those images with the front and back will prob be used on the website when buying.

50k in the first drop will be gone pretty quick I would imagine. Website will prob crash lol


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I’ve read that MyGers members can access the video at 8am tomorrow. Can members buy from 8am or has that still to be confirmed? Thanks!


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£90 will be for the player issue one, people moaning about that not being embroidered are showing themselves up because players hate it.

Castore have said that the replica will be priced in line with every other club quite a few times.
The players hate the embroidered badge?

Why & how do you know that?


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I wish it were that simple mate,been through all this before and in my settings,all my preferences are set 'Yes' to receive all communication.
Who is your email provider? I had this issue with an old email account. I used to get some emails but not others, it used to drive me mad when it was ticket related. I had to open a new email account with Gmail.


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MyGers I’m sure has at least 15k signed up to it. You’d imagine most of them will purchase one, maybe two shirts?

Sell this first run out. Make the club money and help improve the squad


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Only email I’ve had about MyGers was the confirmation one.Nothing since.
I got the automated one saying, 'You will receive a MyGers welcome email in the next 24 hours detailing all the benefits to MyGers members'

A week later when it hadn't arrived I emailed them saying I didn't receive it,a week after that I got an email back saying 'We sent it out on the 6th of June,please check your junk box'

Now I check my junk box several times a day and any email from Rangers would be marked 'Not Junk'

I checked everything from the 5th to the 7th of June,no email from Rangers so I emailed back and told them this.

A week after that,I got the welcome to MyGers email.

Just one shambles after another,but I know it's always online problems as when I go into the T.O,it can get sorted relatively easy.


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Anyone got a Castore t shirt? What’s the sizing like in comparison to last years Hummel kit? Both same size or different?